BLACK OPS COLD WAR TRAILER REACTION!! (Call of Duty 2021 Reaction)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming!! The first teaser for Call of Duty 2021 is here & here is my reaction! Know Your History! 🙂

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BLACK OPS COLD WAR TRAILER REACTION!! (Call of Duty 2021 Reaction)

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  1. Im so happy i got to experience the late night sessions of playing zombies on black ops 1 when i was 12. We would always save up our chore money for the map packs

  2. The fact that their are people who don't take this seriously is shocking. Bet many don't know about the Cold War. And now Democratic cities want to ban history class.

  3. 14-year-old historians smh,
    He's a KGB member who is like very smart people, no matter what you do their plan is done basically.

    Also, all these things you say "are happening now" have been happening ever since that interview was recorded.

    Protests, war, economic problems, politics, etc.
    *The only thing that you can find fishy is Trump getting help from Russia to become President, for all we know he could be Perseus*

    Otherwise, I think everything else is just 13-15-year-olds making conspiracy theories.

    The reason you can be Fishy about trump is that if you read subtitles at Normallaztion, it all fits him.

  4. that interview was taken in 1984..people are so distracted by this trailer but kinda not listening to the message Yuri is saying..which is happening in America right now..wake up folks before it too late

    I copied this from another comment from another video of this trailer just wanted to get his message across

  5. DESTABILISATION: Ultrafeminism. The erasure of gender. The destruction of the family. The loss of a cohesive moral structure – previously from Christianity. The idea of toxic masculinity used to attack gender roles. The self hatred of nation. The destruction and deconstruction of institutions. The rewriting of history. False ideas of white privilege used to foment race war leading to B L M riots but heading to all-out conflict. All called The Long Walk through the Institutions set out by the Frankfurt School decades ago – coming to fruition. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  6. The KGB is a real thing mostly like in this trailer they was more involved in the cold war and perseus was the actual name of what they believe was the name of the soviet spy that knew the nuclear launch codes the KGB dont really exist much anymore but the group that was made by the KGB is Spetsnaz

  7. COD BO Cold War has weapons that aren't futuristic or goofy in design. The weapons used in COD BO (2010) game are for the most part based on actual weapons from that time period. The interesting question is how will Activision make use of the 9th generation hardware when they design the software for the new Series X and PS 5 consoles? With 3 months to go, consumers are drawing closer to owning hardware that won't allow Developers to make excuses for software shortcomings.


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