Black Ops COLD WAR: Where Is It? (Call Of Duty 2021)

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Black Ops COLD WAR: Where Is It? (Call Of Duty 2021)

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Black Ops COLD WAR: Where Is It? (Call Of Duty 2021)

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Comment (41)

  1. Treyarch will likely update/tweak the engine to fit their playstyle. Now warzone being a shared thing…will feel the same. However I think in cod 2020s mp itll be faster paced as treyarch games usually are

  2. Black ops 4 was so boring lol I feel everyone has there game but it just feels like blops 2 you guys hav been playing tdm on slums for 6 years… moreeee…../ wtfff🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. CoD'll 2020 will probably get revealed at one of Sony's events. They hold the marketing rights ans exclusivity deals for CoD after all. Plus, current events gotta die down first.

  4. LOL every statement you make is personal opinion Call of Duty keeps changing because people keep complaining no new Call of Duty will replace the first one you came to love it will never happen get over it try to find joy in the new games or play something else

  5. Just made it black ops 2 guns and aim assist and give us the g slide back and the rest of modern warfare movement and simple 3 lane maps it’s not fucking hard give us reactive camos and 2$ camos and have warzone added in it

  6. Time to find a new shooter!!! Cod is on the lame ass BR train now and now some off my favorite youtubers are about to just start uploading Warzone. Later Thunder it was nice watching you.

  7. I will not make the same mistake again. If next cod is anything like modern shit fare…. im not getting it. I could give a fuck about graphics… if its still that none stop sweaty lightning speed time to kill, shit map bull shit…im good


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