Blizzcon 2020 update; Diablo 4 Assassin fan concept; Diablo 4 Paladin hint?

Diablo 4 Paladin class teaser? Diablo 4 assassin fan concept; Blizzcon 2020 may still happen; Diablo 4 Rathma or Magnus? No E3 2020 online event confirmed; Final Fantasy 7 Remake review love; Resident Evil 8 leak and reveal via insider; Google Stadia on discount; the Witcher 3 PC sales impress; Cyberpunk 2077 DLC plans revealed; Cyberpunk 2077 release date not delayed; Wolcen patch releases.

Time stamps:
E3 2020: 00:50
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 02:00
Resident Evil 8: 02:24
Google Stadia: 03:51
The Witcher 3: 04:34
Cyberpunk 2077: 05:40
Wolcen: 06:32
Blizzcon 2020: 06:52
Diablo 4: 08:57

E3 2020:
Resident Evil 8:
Google Stadia:
The Witcher 3:
Cyberpunk 2077:
Wolcen patch:
Diablo 4 paladin?
Diablo 4 assassin concept art:
Blizzcon 2020:

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Comment (21)

  1. I feel like Rathma bringing back Lilith would be very odd and doesn't really fit the current lore of the character. Rathma pretty much despises both his parents. It would make more sense if a misguided member of the Priests of Rathma saw it as a means to bring chaos to the world to help achieve balance.

  2. Neither Paladin or Assassin. They need to bring back Amazon, been wanting a reinvention of my Lightning Fury – Javazon since before D3 launched. There wasn't anything more satisfying than electrocuting an entire screen of cows endlessly.

  3. Personally I really hope Witch Doctor makes a come back… Doubt it because all the necro fan boys would throw a toddler fit, but it would be nice to have that flavour in the next game.

  4. I believe it was in the archetype video that you said that perhaps the darker theme that they're going for with D4 means that there is no room for a holy warrior, but what about a fallen paladin? Maybe someone who left the Order because he felt that some of their teachings were holding them back from effectively fighting the Prime Evils.

  5. I honestly think there are 2 possibilities : Amazon classic ( as a ranged class with possible spear melee build ) and Paladin/Crusader classic. Or Amazon ( adding ability to incorporate shield abilities and replacing Paladin as a do-it-all class) and Necromancer.


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