Broken Aim Assist & Massive Input Lag? (Modern Warfare)

Recently there has been a ton of talk about input lag becoming significantly worse over time as well as aim assist suddenly not working properly with a recent update. Today I wanted to put these to the test to find out exactly what’s going on here. Have you noticed any changes when if comes to the overall feel of Modern Warfare within the past few weeks?

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  1. I've played with and without aim assist and sometimes i feel like like on certain times while playing in a match the aim assist does completely disappear idk what it is I've never encountered this problem in other CODs

  2. Half the time i play my aim is lasering people.. the other half i cant hit shit… as a 1.6 kd player which i feel is decent, i shouldnt be having some days of near perfect aim and other days of the polar opposite. Its like the game is actively trying to lower my kd

  3. I play with a group of pc players. I notice a significant lag anytime I’m playing against console players especially when facing off against PlayStation players in particular. My group of friends and I believe that there is a delay being added to the reflex time of pc players vs console players to try and make it more fair. But it is more often giving an advantage to the player on the console for reaction time and screwing us. Something is definitely up here.

  4. Since I gotten the game in November my sim assist has been broken AF. I just play the game as if I have it off. The only time it does work is when I'm mounted looking around. My favorite part by far is when it does randomly decide to work that I pull too much to the side since I'm so used to manually aiming.

  5. Most guns honestly feel like they move at LMG speeds. The time it takes to shoot at an enemy is way too slow in my opinion. Im a rush player who enjoys using mainly SMGs. But there are several times where I would die with my finger on the trigger, and not a single bullet came out. In a few cases, my player didn't even ads before dying. I would expect SMGs to be the fastest guns in the game (besides pistols), with the sacrifice of accuracy and handling. Which is acceptable cause im mainly prepared for close quarter combat.

    There's a small "test" I did recently where I used an MP5 and equipped it with every attachment that contributes to my ADS. I even ran double time . I think thats what its called? The perk that lets you run 30% faster and stuff. And I was actually faster and my ADS was much faster. Which was good. I was happy. But then I noticed that the same thing kept happening whenever I would run into an enemy. My ADS was back to being extremely slow when it came time for a gun dual with an enemy. I was ADSing slow again. I tested my ADS alone on the map: FAST . I tested it again whenever I encountered an enemy: SLOW . Its so strange. Maybe someone can test that out for themselves. Cause its bullshit.

  6. I always get major input lag after updates happen, like basically unplayable, and sometimes randomly but that’s rare. My muscle memory gets thrown off by a lot and end up struggling to aim on targets. Restarting my console fixes it. Like half hour ago, turned the game on and major input lag, like turn and a moment later it responds. Restarted and now it’s back to normal.

  7. dont forget the stick could be going bad. just for troubleshooting purposes: adjust Deadzone all the way down in a private match and check the drift with no input.
    mine right stick has been drifting down and to the right these last few days, after playing with the deadzone and attempting to remedy to day i noticed it was pulling up and very slight left… after a few moments it went away. using regular xbox wireless controller, roughly 8-9months old. also saw the video about unsleeping the spec ops pack having a difference.. also recently having lag/latency with flying a chopper … anyone else getting this? also 1gb router 1gb internet, cate7e hardwired, xb1x pulling around 450mbps though browser speed test.

    been needing a serious drop on players this month.

  8. For anyone having new troubles with input lag here are solutions!! Please thumbs up if these help so others can see. Ranked in order of how helpful they were for me.
    If you play on a big TV or Smart TV/Gaming monitor go into the settings and set your picture mode to gaming based on which input your gaming system is on(ex: hdmi1 or hdmi2) then do the same for special viewing mode as both will be needed (if your tv has the special viewing mode option). Make sure settings saved and load up the game
    Delete Every pack besides the Multiplayer and Data pack in general settings. Those are the only 2 needed in order to play Warzone or Multiplayer.  Options – Game Installs – Uncheck bottom three. Will take about 2 minutes.
    Get a Gaming monitor. VERY low input lag. (I dont have a montior though and still use a tv)

  9. Ace, killpoint5150 here. Only played once since the update last night, 14th. It felt like no aim assist on wz & multi. Definitely felt like I was running disabled the whole night running linear.. it worked on bots but It I also tried three different controllers. Plus checked internet speed. I have a try-hard account also killstill5150

  10. Is this for ps4, Xbox, or pc? Is the input lag the same across the consoles? I use m&k on pc and haven’t noticed hardly any. Wanted to try out controller on pc with gta and possibly cod but don’t want to do it now if this was on pc.

  11. This game is broken. The game is 2 big to play. There is only bullshit in it. I get killed with 3 shots doesnt matter where i get hit. And i need to hit 5 or 6 headshots to get a kill. And yes i tested it on afk players. Game is broken as fuck

  12. Not shitting on pro controller players or controller players in general since I am one also. But is it me? Or does it feel like the pro console players are trying to lie about how "broken" aim assist is so that infinity ward can fuck up and accidentally buff aim assist too much, where it's practically aimbot


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