CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR – 20 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References

So the Black Ops series has always been a personal favoruite of mine when it comes to Easter eggs and secrets, and I am very happy to say that Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is no different.

In todays video I am going to be covering 20 Easter eggs, Secrets and References in Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR – 20 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References

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Comment (46)

  1. The coffin dance Easter egg has happened to me randomly when I was playing with random people. And I thought it was part of a step to complete the 20 round Die Maschine map

  2. There is one thing that you forgot there is a reference from the same mission that you meet imran zakheav on and that is when you go to poison General Charkov you will hear him talk on the phone with a person called Nikita referencing Nikita dragovich

  3. Potential Reference…

    The concept of disobeying a "Narrator" telling you to go through the "Red Door" up to a point it alters reality may very well be inspired by Stanley's Parable.

  4. As sonoeone who recently got back into cod after 5 years, the black ops 1 reference with the crossbow and whole level brought a tear to my eye. best cod ever made

  5. I don’t see anyone talk about it ever, so was I the only one that found the looping hallway where you would grow every time you went around in another circle? Like, if you kept looping, you would get so big you’d have to go prone to keep going down the hallway?

  6. im late but with the door if you go right instead it will place so many doors it forces you into a room with just the door with some achivement called red door


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