Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ – Season One Battle Pass Trailer

This is the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Jump into 100 tactical grade tiers on December 16 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ – Season One Battle Pass Trailer

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  1. These demonic scumbags have the patents and are setting algorithms that alter your parameters in real time. Hit boxes, bullet damage, speed etc etc… I know you have felt it. They are picking and choosing winners and losers. This is pure evil. Expose the fraud. Look into it if you’re skeptical

  2. Yall are dumb for wanting sbmm deleted. Like i dont want to be playing against some greasy quickscopers every single game. A lot of people would quit the game, because it would be litearly impossible to compete.. SBMM is the best thing so far….

  3. What a garbage game and lazy @ss devs, couldnt u create a fckin Battle royale map for CW?? Had to buff cw weaps over mw weaps just to sell this half @ss made game?

  4. Trailer: the Mac-10 is still as easy to use as when it first came out.
    Reality: everyone's using it while I'm trying to figure out how to lower the recoil on this gun.

    Trailer: the Groza is a powerful AR with solid stopping power.
    Reality: the Groza is just another Assault rifle that I'm still trying to find the right loadout to give it.

    Trailer: the battle pass has too much to cover.
    Reality: it's just a bunch of gear that rarely gets used by anyone.

    Trailer: everyone is talking about how this game is great.
    Reality: everyone is complaining about SBMM while Activision doesn't give a f*ck.

  5. You guys are a terrible company with no knowledge of weapon balance. You ruined warzone, the entire community is complaining, and you guys have done nothing about it


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