Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer features signature Black Ops combat and fast-paced battles by land, sea, and air. Engage in deniable operations with all new and fan-favorite modes and maps from locations all over the globe.

Black Ops Cold War features a fully-connected Multiplayer experience with cross-play, cross-gen, and cross-progression support for the entire community.

This is the next generation of Black Ops Multiplayer.

Pre-order Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War now:

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

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  1. u dont even have ground war because ur game is weak tryarch stop let infinity ward take over ur done in my opinion blacks series is dead it died at bo3 bo4 bassically killed it forever and mw 2019 thanos it out of existence

  2. The only way you'll ever play like this is on campaign everyone camps or swears bunny hop every where wait a sec does anyone wanna do like a private match so we can only play tactical we need a bunch of people though is anyone down

  3. from what I understand storywise (even I believe this isn't correct) is that all the multiplayer battle maps are battle sites so that one faction is closer and closer to putting an end to WW3

  4. I've played this game on the ps4 pro for about a month and some weeks. I really like how renovating this game is with movement speed, stats, and equipment. So far the only people complaining about this game is dedicated players of modern warfare 2019. Not to say that cold war has no issues (which it has) but not like the issues that modern warfare 2019 has. I've seen complaints so far of game glitching, crashes, and ps controller shutting off. The recent patch update of the game did improve significantly. I honestly feel the black ops vibe in the game and gives me back nostalgic feelings. My strong negative about the game so far is the great disservice of removing the original voice actors of the game…. Honestly whoever was in charge of that call was a great disservice…. Overall I hope to see that this game deserves the right evaluation, because SO FAR the only people complaining about game play, and guns, are the same people who dedicate themselves to modern warfare 2019.
    Cold war > modern warfare 2019


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