Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – PC Max Settings – A First Look At Next-Gen Multiplayer Visuals?

First we saw Cold War’s campaign and now comes the multiplayer – shown today maxed-out on PC in a preview build. Treyarch’s new maps, ranging from Angolan deserts to the Uzbekistan ice, make clear the team’s preference for all-out vibrancy rather than the pure photo-realism of Modern Warfare’s 2021 reboot. Alex and Tom take an early look, ahead of RTX and DLSS updates planned for the game.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – PC Max Settings – A First Look At Next-Gen Multiplayer Visuals?

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Comment (24)

  1. Is it just me or does it look "as good as it has to"? There are a ton of textures that just dont look very nice, in natural outdoor spaces in particular. I don't know, I feel like I expect more out of a billion dollar franchise. This is going to look like a very "old" game in two years and not because there are new consoles, it looks old now.

  2. The problem is any decent player with a sniper is going to destroy anyone in sight. Snipers are one shot kill to to the torso and head. Absolutely zero flinch, you can bury an enemy sniper in full auto fire and still get one shot because he has no flinch and can just one shot you to the chest despite being constantly hit with an AR. The best scores I've gotten in the open beta are with a sniper. Invincible if you got a decent aim and reflexes. This year it seems every single battle is lost unless you get a headshot. You'll lose every single 1on1 battle unless you hit the head even though you start firing first.

  3. I’m optimistic for this game. After the Beta, the movement looks less clunky, quicker, and the gameplay looks more refined. I’m always open for a great campaign, so I hope this one doesn’t disappoint. But I still find MW 2019, visually, looks better. The character models in Cold War look a little uncanny, for example. In Modern Warfare, they all look incredibly immersive and realistic, especially in the cutscenes.

  4. don't forget guys, people aren't going to be buying this game cuz of its visuals. alot of people buy it for the zombies experience too. but i mean the game doesn't even have its own number like if its called Black Ops: Cold War it can probably be referred to as "Black Ops 4.5". I think i'm going to buy Modern Warfare (2019) instead just because that game looks better visually, I want to play some multiplayer like the good old times. I do like to play zombies too for which I'd have to get Black Ops Cold War but I think i'll just wait for black ops 5

  5. It's not bad, I did say Treyarch would be using their own engine which is evident when you see the animations, pretty poor compared to mw2019, stiff ragdolls, weak sound and ridiculously easy sniping. They'll never change sbmm and lag comp, which is a shame. All this said, it plays better than mw2019 and so far much better maps, just hope it's not 9 maps out the box, I got bored of the 5 maps in the beta after a few days of playing them.

  6. I think the majority of the clunkiness has to do with normies hopping on and playing super-low sense, not aiming, or sprinting. but yes the basic speed of players is way too slow but that's a fairly basic fix, I'm very excited to see how "on the ball" trearch will be with updates this year.


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