Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Review

Call of Duty’s yearly release rolls around yet again, providing a top tier shooter experience, but without breaking any substantial new ground this time around.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Review

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  1. To me, it seems more like bargain bin material. If it had to be delayed, it should have been delayed, look at Cyberpunk 2077, but than again CDProjekt doesn't seem nearly as greedy money hungry bastards, as Activision.
    The whole idea of selling me a 3rd of a game at full price, and releasing the remaining of the content little by little, while trying to make it look like they're "giving me something for free" while it really isn't, does not fly well with me, and people need to wake up to this scams and stop spreading their butt wide open to this companies.

    Same goes for the Microsoft and Sony scams in the Gold and Plus that: If I really need to explain how it's a scam, than you're really fucked in the head and deserve to be screwed

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  3. The "community" often complain about the game is the same as the one last year. However, when COD does introduce any "groundbreaking" changes, these usually don't go down very well. What I'm trying to say: the COD community is a conservative bunch and all we want is our favourite shooter back every year with just a different coat of paint. 🙂

  4. I wish Raven software could make its own Call of Duty Game with a more focus on Single player campaign. Cold war Campaign is the most innovative thing that ever come to COD sp experience. I'm just sad that it just too short. It could be a great game if its longer.

    The Campaign took me 8 hours to finish in Realism difficulty . Yes 8 hours, while most time its probably spent in dying due to the difficulty, but i really scretch my time in the Campaign, i explore almost every level, decyprting the puzzles to finish the Side Mission, read the whole thing on the computer, talk to every character in Safehouse, try almost every possibility in the Lubynka level and even took some extra steps in the mindfuck Vietnam level ( cause there are just soo much path to explore ).

    Its much worse to think that the fact Activision would not care about Singleplayer campaign. Cause its just not profitable for them anymore. And more people are already talking less about singleplayer in COD, the thing that started Call of Duty itself.

  5. I do not really understand all the bad reviews here. Haven't played the campaign yet but multiplayer is really fun. Unlike MW, more tactics and constant innovation are required to not be shot in the back. Cold War is fast but not as hectic as MW. I appreciate it. In addition, it is challenging to be forced to rethink and find the tactics that work, which would not be as fun and "new" if MW rolled for another year. This is definitely not a bad game. In my opinion it could be one of the best CoD of all time if the campaign is as good as many says.

  6. I played the beta and tbh I wasn't impressed, even looking at the final version on ps5 it doesn't look next gen and the animations are janky as hell. Il stick with modern warfare until the sequel comes out next year

  7. I really enjoy this game. It’s getting unneccesary hate. Multiplayer has been a blast. I will agree that it is lacking in content though. But that will be fixed.

  8. Although the rough launch, the only big problems this game has is just the lack ops maps and weapons, I think as the seasons progress, along with nuketown coming in a couple weeks, it is most likely going to be a great cod game by early 2021 the time imo it should've been released

  9. I played about an hour and a half of multiplayer and decided it wasnt for me. If you aren't going to do anything great with the game, why even release a new game. Modern warfare was much better off running a few more months to make cold war better. I am not going to keep paying developers to pump out shit every year and call it new.

  10. Honestly the multiplayer sucks i hate the movement it feels sticky along with a high time to kill and reload even with fast mags it just makes for a terrrible experience along with the fact that all the good players are still in mw so we have nothing but boy scouts making campfires in buildings

  11. I regret paying full price for the game. Multiplayer is absolute trash. Single player is very interesting but too fucking short. Zombies is okay, but I think there's only one map. I would wait until this game hits $20. Can not recommend with a right mind, this game at 60 bucks

  12. Black Ops franchise died after BO2. It had its own allure amidst the COD franchise as a whole. With me, it's the lack of Party Games. The fact that they were completely removed after black ops 2 is dumbfounding. Other than some features, we haven't got to play them since. Other than Gun Game that is.

  13. I haven't gotten around to the campaign yet as i've been playing a bit of the multiplayer. For now I like the maps and gun play. I was surprised at the custom games and the fact that its a mess for setting up maps with ai. I like custom games from time to time to get a feel for a map or just to mess with weapons and all the attachments before hitting up the multiplayer. I was kinda shocked to find that some maps don't even support any ai, while other maps did. Also, some maps would let me play hardpoint and others wouldn't. The same was also true of team death match. As many people have said, it should have been delayed.


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