Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Sony Advantage Trailer | PS4, PS5

Know your strengths going into #BlackOpsColdWar.
Revealing new advantages for PlayStation players, from additional tier skips on the Battle Pass Bundle to extra loadout slots.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Sony Advantage Trailer | PS4, PS5

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  1. No offensive to any PlayStation players but this isn’t that fair you get to more load outs new maps for zombies and everything I’m fine with the new maps for Sony right now but two more load outs more skins and stuff it’s not really fair any more

  2. People should be aware for this player on Playstation, because he's a hacker and booster on Call of Duty Cold War.
    His Playstation online tag name is, GoldproElite and his COD Cold War tag is PapaPro. Unless if he constantly changes his COD tag name, to a different one, then it's useless.
    He's already prestiged 2 level 56 already when it's impossible to prestige that far and that fast.

  3. This is BS, I'm not buying a PlayStation just for this. Yes ik this probably is a deal with Sony which they get played a lot, but this is too far such as giving ps5 players extra classes and double xp. Even early access for maps back in the day was annoying. I play PC and I would rather spend my money upgrading that and playing the game on this over buying a ps5 and playing it on there. COD won't see any improvement until this exclusivity issues are fixed, because I hate being forced onto a platform I don't want and I'm sure many other people agree. I'm not saying the PS5 is bad, its just that I have the platform I prefer to play on already and unfortunately for me and still a lot of people, it is not the PS5.

  4. I don’t play cod but i think that the load outs are the only thing that’s p2w and the others are just cosmetic still scummy edit forgot about zombies that’s also super scummy

  5. Why are so many people okay with this I just don't get it, MW had a far worse reaction and it didn't even take it this far, at this point since nobody cares it's going to be even worse in the next game.

  6. And this is why Sony is trash, won’t have my crossplay turned on for this game. Sony with this, only makes me hate you guys more. I only want a PS5 to scalp to people who actually want that trash system.

  7. I think they crippled Xbox performance on this game too! This is an example of anti-consumer behavior by creating exclusive gameplay advantages for one console – for money. Just not fair – let the hardware be the limits not shady deals.


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