CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Cold War Trailer 4K (2021)

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CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Cold War Trailer 4K (2021)
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CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Cold War Trailer 4K (2021)

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Comment (41)

  1. As a Russian dude I feel bad that these games present Russians this way because we are people just like everyone, we don't want war or to harm others, but as a gamer I don't care about Russians always being presented as bad because I just want to play and enjoy the game

  2. It looks cool and has some great music, but I highly doubt it’s going to deliver, my guess would be a Vietnam skin of codww2, along with the surface deep “realism” and “horror” of experience guys in the Vietnam war, not just that but a disservice to their memory, just like codww2, not to mention the nickel and diming of players that’s gonna happen with the lootboxes purchasable skins and guns, overpriced dlc and battlepases, Bc honestly activision isn’t worse than ea at this kinda stuff, they just got a more loyal fanbase

  3. Okay, if this game is worth A$70 for mere 6 hours of gameplay, I won't be buying it. It should be at least 12-16 hours worth.
    Everything is top notch, lovely graphics. But the story line needs to be more.
    I bought Modern Warfare and returned it cause of its 6 hours gameplay.


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