Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War vs Modern Warfare | Direct Comparison

Direct visual comparison of the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and the previous game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2021).

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War vs Modern Warfare | Direct Comparison

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  1. Call of duty needs a slow paced "clean house" type of game. Realistic shooter, squad based.. i understand what cod is at the bones.. but the MW19 engine has sooo much potential & it would be a huge waste to let that go for more fast paced on rails bs..

  2. I like modern warfare better than Cold war even though I play both I preferred modern warfare the only thing I don't like about modern warfare is that they put you in a match while the game's almost over and I don't like how they integrated modern warfare in Cold war they just should have kept it separated

  3. In my opinion both games are good but mw just has more memories I remember playing after school with my friends ahh the days but cold war is pretty fun as well

  4. the sound comparison is not fair, the space and the area are too different, sandy, but different. this makes the sound and reverberation to be very different. testing this inside a house would be more fair

  5. Tbh I still prefer MW over the fact I get more of a sense of realism with it than I do with Cold War, plus a lot of the general feel of the game makes me feel like an actual soldier vs something of a mercenary

    Edit; I forgot to mention the fact that I really love the mounting mechanics in MW, you might not agree and that’s fine, but regardless I loved it for the sense of recoil dampening, and considering that soldiers could mount their weapon if the need arises vs. not doing it at all I’m pretty sure most would unless they have a decent grip

  6. Here's how I felt about it enjoyed cold wars campaign more loved modern warfare multiplayer more. Overall feel like mw was better as sound design sounded better, reload animations felt like they had weight to it, has more content and just felt better to play

  7. Here’s the thing: MW is supposed to be super realistic, this is because Activision saw how well Battlefield 1 was doing and wanted in on that action after absolutely blowing multiple releases under the Sledgehammer name.
    Cold War however is supposed to really pop with colour like an 80s action movie, it’s really trying to be nice and bright. Plus, Black Ops is always supposed to feel like an arcade game, instead of a semi realistic game. These 2 series are very difficult to compare because of the themes they are supposed to have.
    Think of MW like a war documentary of for say Iraq, and think of Cold War as an 80s action movie like Rambo. Cold War is made to feel crazy and over the top, while MW is supposed to really make you feel like a soldier.
    May I also say how the 3 lane design makes camping extremely difficult, and it’s easy to take out a camper. Meanwhile, the crazy large map design MW has makes camping easy and at the same time extremely difficult to exterminate a camper.
    The 3 lane design also has many effective ways of designing a level, just think about how different Nuketown and a map like Satellite are when they use almost the exact same layout just very stretched.
    You can also compare the 2 map types through the maps Sledgehammer designed for Cold War during the rushed development, Sledgehammer was the developer who designed Miami, Cartel, and Satellite which was later modified by Treyarch. Miami and Cartel were very poorly received maps, and Treyarch actually made a new version of Miami Strike which was well received and even praised. This just says how bad the crazy design of MW maps are compared to 3 lane design.
    May I also add just how easy it is to tell Cold Wars theme just by the campaign? It’s like a crazy over the top cheesy action movie, while MW is supposed to be reflective of an actual Warzone.

  8. I called it months back: Treyarch would screw this title up and fall short of MW. It was evident all the way from the announcement that they won’t be using the new engine, and then the leaked gameplay fully cemented its fate.

    Most people who hated on MW now appreciate a lot more after Cold War

    COD Vanguard(leaked name supposedly) doesn’t look and sound like it’ll be much better. Early rumors about it(no gameplay yet) show that even reviewers who are avid fans of COD hate it. I hope battlefield doesn’t screw up so that we have a good FPS to enjoy in the fall

  9. I'm still confused. Wasn't sledgehammer FIRED? How are they back just in time to have an entire game done? Was really looking forward to the next MW. Imagine a new MW vs New modern battlefield… just like the old days😔

  10. You've gotta give credit to both games tbh, they are two different companies that want two different things, you can't expect them to make the same game, because I think both are currently fine.

  11. CW the movement is kinda as responsive as CSGO in a way and it's graphics are comparable to GTA5 and feels a lot more responsive. MW on any setting never looks as good imo like the particle details are bad and some of the graphics look like they pulled resources from COD4 and it's pretty distracting. idk why people seem to like it so much and judging by the comments on this video I'm gonna be publicly executed lmao 🤣 i do enjoy MWs UI though.. CW just won't fucking load and when you select something you can't use that same button again without moving your cursor off and back onto it.. but the gameplay is more important to me so idc about that. I'll just have to get used to the way MW looks i guess
    i also laugh comparing how far you can throw things in MW cause it's the most fucking soy throw I've ever seen in a cod game


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