Call Of Duty: Cold War Vs Modern Warfare – Which Is Better?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, are both in the same franchise, but are two very different shooter experiences. How does Cold War compare to 2021’s Modern Warfare, and which one is the better game?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest game in Activision’s first-person shooter series, and it takes the franchise back to the 1980s for a period-set shooter full of espionage thrills. But how does it compare to the previous game in the series, 2021’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

In the video above, Dave Jewitt and Richie Bracamonte compare the two games across three topics: multiplayer, campaign, and the battle between the Spec Ops and Zombies modes. From a multiplayer standpoint, Cold War provides a more arcadey Call of Duty experience compared to the Battlefield-inspired action of Modern Warfare.

Dave and Richie also break down the two games’ single-player campaigns and discuss the merits of Black Ops Cold War’s replayability versus Modern Warfare’s rejuvenation of the Call of Duty campaign. And finally, the pair compare the maligned Spec Ops mode from Modern Warfare with Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, discussing which of the two modes they prefer.

Call Of Duty: Cold War Vs Modern Warfare – Which Is Better?

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  1. people have different opinions when cold war first launched n that and now i prefer cold war but the reason i dont play it much anymore is cause of the way people play. i like to play nuketown all the time and people r just camping and lying down with lmgs and shotguns and its super annoying. i went on mw today and expirienced no shotguns and pretty much no campers

  2. Lets just not hate and be honest Modern Warfare's multiplayer is better than Cw because of the overall game feel, its realistic and very fun. The game is easy to get good at and when u peak your gonna be on the same level as the average player base and ur never gonna stop having fun. Cw is good because its a balance to the cod games it has everything a good zombies mode and good campaign, and a good multiplayer although the multiplayer is better on mw it doesn't have zombies. The games are both good in their own ways it's cod so no need to hate.

  3. I have looked EVERYWHERE for something I've been wondering. Does anybody else notice that MW is a little difficult/different to play after playing cold war since it's launch? Cleary it's a different engine but could that be the reason why?

  4. When sometimes I go full sweat mode on shipment 24/7 I can go 60 and 10/12 deaths
    But in Cold War I always go double negative
    That cant just me being bad
    It’s the game

  5. Please answer my question

    Do you have to update every single time like modern warfare has or is this game not like modern warfare you just play Cold War anytime you want? Cuz I am really hoping to looking forward to play cold war

  6. Guys I gotta say something back a while ago I wanted to get back into cod cause I haven’t played in in a couple years but I wasn’t able to to afford modern warfare cause I was 10 dollars short then I saw that Cold War was on discount for 39:99 so I bought it cause it was my only option then I played the multiplayer for 3 weeks and I gotta say I’m not having fun I only had fun for 3 days there as so much problems and it just doesn’t feel the same like when I played the modern warfare beta it was so much fun I now it just dull I regret buying Cold War I wish I had my money back so I can buy modern warfare the only thing I find fun is campaign and zombies hopefully I can ask my brother so he can give me modern warfare wish me luck

  7. Ngl modern warfare felt quick like there wast enough action was pretty disappointed actually cuz if price is on any modern warfare game then it’s gonna be hella good but shit nope this was truly a disappointment the campaign I mean was mp idk got bored of it love how you can mount on anything to shoot

    Now cold was campaign hell ya lots of action get to play as your own character well not rlly but you know what I mean and you can play as mason now I saved park cuz ya I simp for her I rlly felt bad for not saving lazar even tho you can’t save both which RLLY did made feel like shit wish I could’ve saved him 😞 ok anyway was a quick gameplay but fr probably better than modern warfare’s campaign I mean Cold War had lots of action probably more stealth and hell snipers too 😑 idky they put that there I hate how you can’t mount like in modern warfare

    So if y’all want a rlly good campaign I recommend Cold War than modern warfare but hey it’s your decision not mine so ya I’m just saying I recommend playing Cold War than modern warfare’s campaign


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