Call of Duty Fans are ANGRY (Modern Warfare Boycott)

Call of Duty Fans are ANGRY (Modern Warfare Boycott) Xbox and PC fans aren’t happy with the console exclusivity deal Activision has with Sony over the 1 year …

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  1. Same here. I don’t get fanboys who solely dedicated themselves to one console & talk shit about the console that they don’t own. For me, I owned both the PS4 Pro & XB1. And tbh, I love them both as each of these 2 consoles offers different exclusive titles. That’s the reason why I decided to buy both of em:)

  2. It's more hatred towards the concept of 1 year exclusivity rather than that all PC and Xbox players want to play that mode of course ;p It's weird though, yes there were complaints about the maps… but other than that I'm getting mostly positive messages towards this game from everyone, even the PC community, after the beta.

  3. Activision: looks here’s the deal were going to give you the books on ground experience with the campaign that you miss staring the MW poster boy captures price b..
    Gamers: (cuts Activision off): thanks I really appreciate it and when I finally lost lost all trust and respect for you, you turn self around and try to earn it back
    Activision: you didn’t let me finish but in order for us to do that you have to let us include lot boxes and Micro transactions and if you do not have a ps4 you will not have survival mode.
    Sony: yea not survival if you don’t have PS4 sorry should have brought a playing station
    Gamers: you low down two timing, greedy, money hungry bitch ass bastards fuck you
    Me: damn Activision that’s some fouls ass shit we still getting a campaign though right

  4. Gamers: I’m not buying this cod because of no survival mode, loot boxes, and micro transactions
    Me: sucks for you
    Gamers: so you’re jst going to let Activision trick you in to buying this crap and basically trying to make you pay to win you must be one of Cod loyal little dogs
    Me: first of all fuck Activision and I’ve never brought any loot boxes and second I’m part of the campaign community. Shit most times I buy games for the campaign except for battlefield one. Didn’t buy Bo4 because why no campaign. Hated BO3 because why the campaign was some bs with now heart or soul as far as the story goes. So I guess the point of telling you this is fuck multiplayer I want my campaign

  5. Dude going out and buying a PS4 to get the console exclusive stuff is a 2 IQ play. That's literally the point of this console exclusive BS. You're basically telling them that it worked and that they should keep it up.

  6. Honestly, I understand why ppl are mad, I agree that its scummy for activision to do that. BUT, 1 game mode thats only a portion within a seperate game mode that will only have 4 maps on launch (rumored) isn’t a big enough deal for me to the point where if I was an xbox player I would boycott the game. This game IS the best COD i’ve played since MW2 and could possibly be better. In fact im confident it will, theres so many new features in the game + its a new engine + its a COD using the old COD style/formula but even better. It has 4 seperate huge ass game modes with spec ops possibly being as big as MP and could be light years better than “survival”. As an OG COD fan who turned to Battlefield after all these years I can say this game is like the most perfect COD with some minor issues other than MTX. I think if you boycott the game you will genuinely miss out on a once in every 5 years opportunity to play a truly blockbuster game especially when it comes to COD. Theres just so much good about it to get mad over a game mode that tbh like 10% of ppl at most will play. At the end of the day this is my opinion and most of yall are adults so do what you want, but imo I would still preorder and buy the game even if I was an xbox player. I agree its fucked up what they did, but the only way a boycott would get to activision is if sales from all platforms tanked heavily, but with how popular this game is already thats not realistic.

  7. I watch every video but you can’t tell somebody to play something else they’re not use to or make them. Not gonna adjust to another console and pay for 2 memberships for one game. This is a bad video take it down 😂😭

  8. Ive Supported you for ages… but Fuck You Man.

    First Off Usually All your mates Play on the Same consoles, So why would everyone go buy a new console for one game.

    You Think Everyone got money lying around to go buy a new console?

    How much Sony Pay you To Say that Bullshit in this video

    Low Levels from you Thunder… Usually you Up there with the community.

    I Wont be watching you ever again.

  9. @402THUNDER402
    Yeah who else want to spend 330$ for a console you dont like and spent an extra 69$ for the Game anbd another 60$ for PS Plus? Sorry but that is the dumbest shit that has ever come out of your mouth . And yes normaly i really like your clips and oppinion but you are making no sense at all . -.-'
    Good for you that you have a PS and a XBox X-D

  10. It doesn't matter if survival mode is popular or not, if I'm spending my money on a game and I end up getting 3/4 of the product, I'm going to be pissed off.
    Studies on primates have shown even monkeys are offended with inequality.

    I cancelled my pre-order.

  11. Im fine when consoles have there own games like ps4 last of us and xbox one forza. But when they a game on all consoles and they remove a mode for a year is so dumb and gonna effect the sales of the game.

  12. Nice spaying lmao your still bad after all these years I don't understand you bitch about cod every year but still play it. If it sucks then don't play it just play a old cod stop crying about a game that has been dead sec bo3 move on every one is done with the crying about cod move on cod is dead

  13. JusT BuY A Ps4. Yeah right I’m gonna spend like 300 bucks on a console I don’t even want just to play one game mode because a garbage company is being greedy. Also if you do that you would support that stupid business strategy because that is exactly what they want.

  14. I dont get the console loyalty either, I have had PS1,PS2,PS3 and PS4. I have played Xbox 360 round a friends house and I had an Xbox one, I just prefer the PS4 so I sold my Xbox. Nothing wrong with xbox I just prefer PS

  15. My PC is as powerful as a PS4 and XBOX combined. Plus PC has endless options, like plugging in a controller and customize the way you want to play graphics wise. I’m not hating because I have all three. But why drive a Honda when you could drive a Ferrari.


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