Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Multiplayer Gameplay Premiere Live Stream

New details revealed in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Premiere live stream. The stream runs from 10AM to 12PM PST. Subscribe to IGN for more!

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  1. same sounds, same slow movement, same gun play, same explosion mechanics, same half assed ragdoll mechanics…. in the trailers they tried to make it look tactical, squads moving together but in reality COD has never played like that…. same headless chicken lone soldier "tit for tat" gameplay

  2. It´s activision, not much brain work is needed to know that at release there won´t be any MTA but a month in or so when reviews are out and the initial scoring is done, BOOM tahm to make some' moneh!

  3. Despite my opinions on upcoming COD game, there are few things I noticed: headquarters mode is back (sweet), flanking isn't an trashy strategy (looking at you, Black Ops 4) & grenade spamming is back (really? It's one of few things I liked about Black Ops 4). I might rent it at Redbox later.


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