Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Team Deathmatch Gameplay (No Commentary)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Team Deathmatch Multiplayer Gameplay No Commentary.

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  1. The sounds are so good and there’s a mini map now !?!!
    I don’t like this leaning around the corner thing and it looks a biiit to much like battlefield but all in all I think they probably resurrected the series. Can’t wait to try it out

  2. I really like cod ww2 cause I'm old and old school but this one looks like it's still boots on the ground and none of the futuristic flying around nonsense and the sounds sound great so heck ya I'm in can't wait

  3. I’m watching content on this game just to see if I really wanna buy it. Perhaps I will since it’s a new shooter & I hardly played black ops 4 but idk this game is pretty slow doesn’t feel like cod…

  4. Basically spent the whole game camping in and around a single building, waiting for the enemies he cleared to respawn and push him again instead of pushing forward after he clears then. Can't believe you even uploaded that trash as it's embarrassing. Spends every single game camping to killstreak whore but still can't get any nukes. How this guy gets subs with no skill is beyond me

  5. Such beautiful details and maps and we get to see, a door and a window. This is how 99% of players play and its not going to change. Camping = survival. Over the years I grew bored of 18-3 playing this way and have way more fun going 23-19 running around like a maniac.


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