Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (A Critical Overview)

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  1. First Ugly point is retarded. "The guns are too loud"???? Pathetic call. The guns are realistic and their noise should be exactly how it would be in real life. "Modern warfare" bud…modern. You crying about loud guns, you're an idiot. Nothing wrong here.

  2. We don’t need any micro transaction system except for the one where we buy exactly the thing we want.(I.e. boy that’s a really sick camo. How much good sir? $5.00? Here are go! Boy I love this camo I’m really I didn’t have to go through a slot machine that only gives me a 00.00000001% chance of this camo.)

  3. The first half of this video was a review and I enjoyed it. I dont agree with everything but hey, opinions are opinions.
    This cod game looks to be awesome and I personally cant wait to get involved!
    The second part of the video seemed a bit pointless. They flew you out and paid for plane tickets etc. Then you turn around and say if such and such happens then im ditching cod and damn the consequences. We dont need to know that. Fact. Also as you stated you have tried other games and cod is your bread winner……. so i doubt very much you will “stay true to yourself” as it doesnt make good business sense.
    Sounds like a review vid turned into rant vid by an ungrateful gamer. Shame

  4. I actually hope this fails. Can't believe Activision has the gall to reset the whole vicious cycle of propaganda and sameish multiplayer under the pretext of a ''reboot'', and you suckers are actually willing to continue to enable them.

  5. @Drift0r I very much disagree with many of your points and think that a lot of the things you can fix yourself. This game has been one of the best releases in cod in so long, I believe they have done an astonishing job with this. Also if your don’t like stopping power just don’t use it

  6. Y’all youtubers so whiney. Your videos are generally informative but you state your subjective opinion relative to the information you provide as if it were objective fact.

    You all say: “every other youtuber agreed with me on this.”

    Everyone else: “Ok? Who cares?”

    Most of your “bad” and “ugly” points are based on elements that are best suited to adhering to a specific type of gameplay you personally prefer. Very troll like, run and gun arcade style of play. What originally made the Modern Warfare great in the first place was it’s attempt at realism. Go back and play it there was even more weapon blur in the first modern warfare than there is in this new version. This is going back to the roots.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have a mini map and have a simulation experience. You can’t make gunshots as loud as a paint ball gun and maintain realism. Don’t praise the game for being realistic then complain about its realism.

  7. Your experiance was very different then me because all I ever got was endless hit markers and it did not matter half clip to full clip, spotting enemies first or firing first.

    Id just die regardless and never had this issue before except for Infinite Warfares first fee months.

    I have a 5G Network so I don’t get it but it ruined the game for me

  8. At the end you’re complaining about the lack of making cod videos is going to fail ur channel. Which would be rough but your reasoning is because you don’t want to play cod. Your job is to play a video game and you’re crying about that. Sorry about your first world problem there bubba

  9. "the gun shots are so realistic im operating a firearm inside a closed space and i cant hear the guy walking behind me, deal breaker"

    also if one guy is destroying you and your whole team to the point of getting high killstreaks you and your teamates are bad. Welcome to competitive shooters

  10. I've played COD since day 1….i was really excited for this…but after i don't know, I'm getting killed as soon as i spawn by some guy who literally WATCHES me spawn and blasts me, I have no chance at all to fight back. Then again, this is only day 1 for me as a level 7 vs level 20s… I'm usually top tier in every game, but this…..just frustrating getting shot in the back 5 seconds after spawning every single time.

  11. "20v20, something innovative blah blah battlefield blah" mw1 or WaW didn't exist then I guess? MW is the game I think people were hoping for, not mw2 or 3. There is a reason MW1 still has servers today.

  12. I had high hopes for this game the graphics are great bigger Maps yes but what they need to also take form Battlefield is an interactive environment and cut out those tacky sound effects it sounds like some type of 80's 90's arcade game so I'm going to probably have to pass on this one


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