Call Of Duty WARZONE: 10 BEST Things To Use On EVERY LOADOUT!

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Here’s 10 KEY things you NEED to be using on your Loadouts in Call of Duty WARZONE!

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In this video, we’re breaking down the BEST things to be using on EVERY Loadout you have within Call of Duty WARZONE! These things will make your Call of Duty Warzone classes better, stronger, and more consistent so you can win more gunfights, win more games, and become a better player overall. Warzone seems to be the most popular Battle Royale out there right now with over 30 million players downloading Modern Warfare to play it, so you definitely want to get the edge on the other players in your lobbies! Call of Duty really comes down to loadouts, and if you’re using the best setups, you’ll notice a serious improvement in game!

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  1. quick question if I get the pass today can i grind it till i get at least 1000cp for the new one. I believe its tier 72 or above when u hit 1000cp (12 days left btw)

  2. In battlefield 4 thermal optics were nerfed by reducing their range and that made them more realistic but not op. That’s what will probably happen to warzones scopes


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