Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War Season 1 Trailer | Game Awards 2021

A brand new map, new weapons, and a new storyline will connect Call of Duty: Warzone to Call of Duty: Cold War. Check out the trailer for the new season here.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War Season 1 Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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  1. Skill based match making is so ass I have t touched multiplayer since October and that’s because I played shipment 24/7 and shoot house 24/7 on MW for the whole duration of that game

  2. Наконец-то дождались обновление. Пойду удалять две игры со своей pS4 что б освободить место под новую карту…. сколько в этот раз, 700гигов обнова будет?

  3. is anyone else confused ab this? is it coming as an extra map to cod warzone (modern warfare 2019), is it replacing verdansk? is it it’s own separate mode? is it only coming to cold war? ik the player progression is going to b linked between the games along w some guns, but they’ve made it real unclear what the map is supposed to go in as. i’m thinking a senate warzone mode, but i think that’s literally fucking dumb. make actual significant updates to verdansk, not eating ur time making a whole ass new kind of warzone, splitting the player base. i just don’t get the decision. give us more shit in verdansk, i want bigger more significant changes


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