Call of Duty: Warzone : i9 9900KS + RTX 3080 Ti | 1080P & 1440P | Low & High Settings

TIME STAMPS 0:02 – 1080P Low Settings 2:29 – 1080P High Settings 4:30 – 1440P Low Settings 6:56 – 1440P High Settings SYSTEM SPECS CPU: i9 9900KS …

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  1. I've seen so many benchmarks of this game and in all of them those who were playing were extremely bad… The simple fact of seeing someone that knows how to sprint is satisfying 😂

  2. have a ryzen 5 1600+ 1650 super(4gb ram) with 8gb ram 2666mhz……this game stutters alot even with the lowest settings possible. I've ordered another 8gb stick to make it dual channel…will the problem get solved ?

  3. Why the F it use 10+ Gigs of VRAM and 11GB RAM while resolution is only 1080p? Even on lowest settings it uses 6GB VRAM and 9GB RAM. Never seen a shit game performance like this.(great vid)

  4. I dont know why would you pay like 2000$ for that pc to play on around 80fps on 4K when you can buy 400$ console and play 4K at 60 fps. All that money for freedom of lower resolution and higher fps? I hope it pays off for you


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