Cataclysm – The World Reborn

A fly-through of the epic environments players will explore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It was the final reward unlocked as part of the ‘Your Fortune Awaits’ promotion at

Cataclysm – The World Reborn

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  1. 10 years later and it's crazy to realize the world has been changed for almost twice as long as the original existed for. Wonder what or if the world will change again.

  2. 2019 typing this comment. This is when the WOW was stabbed and started bleeding, not subscribers, but soul, subscribers are just a byproduct of bleeding soul. And we all know who stabbed and who keeps beating you, his name is activision, why do you stay with a man that beats you when you could be so much happier alone but you are afraid what he might do, but you forgot that we are all here to protect you……it's BFA, you are in a hospital dying, and we dont know what to do

  3. i Miss cata it was something speciali it feels like an Event and even old zones are related to the expension unlike any other wow expension we have seen so far


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