Catching a single Transistor – We're looking inside the i9-10900K: Prep and expensive equipment 1/3

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  1. Is your microscope special (e.g. customized or broken) in some way? I haven't seen anybody get so worked up about electron microscope stabilization before. Usually we have them in completely normal rooms, because they have built-in stabilization mechanisms. You certainly don't need to re-do the foundation of your lab when you install an EM lol

  2. Fantastic video. I've been fortunate enough to use some SEMs and multiphoton microscopy for biologic samples. Glad I got to watch this before Intel sends a cease and desist 😑 it definitely seems like something they'd do 🤔

  3. I'm really curious about part 2 and 3.
    If we're going to watch the transistor level, and I hope that I won't say something really stupid, at 7nm we can have much more transistors in the same area. Would be nice to see a comparison. Thanks Roman for the unusual but quite interesting content.


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