CDPR Tanks 65%, "Mega" Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuit, God of War Ragnarok "PS4" Anger & Far Cry 6 Outrage!

★ God of War Ragnarok cross-gen anger, Cyberpunk 2077 sales are dead, EA defends $20 cosmetics, Activision Blizzard insider report & Sony says they still respect Japan DNA. ★
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★ Marvel’s Avengers won’t fix broken loot system, Amazon’s New World explains why pay-to-win is excusable, Netflix is joining AAA gaming, Cyberpunk 2077 & CDPR internal documents leak, Horizon Forbidden West Aloy appearance outrage, Bethesda’s Xbox exclusivity begins with Starfield, Sony blocks Borderlands 3 crossplay & Nintendo’s new Zelda microtransaction! ★

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CDPR Tanks 65%, "Mega" Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuit, God of War Ragnarok "PS4" Anger & Far Cry 6 Outrage!

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Comment (37)

  1. I’m two weeks late but this should teach developers to actually finish a game before they monetize it. Can’t believe something so obvious needs to be learned at such a cost.

  2. I'm gonna play Cyberpunk eventually, but I haven't bought it because I don't have a PC to run it and I see no point in playing it on min settings.

  3. We need a petition to have gaming regulated better and fair prices set for things. They are getting away with making their own rules. WTF are they the new oil corps

  4. These times are not astonishing think about how much less consoles and pc used to cost.
    All the prices going up are by design they want more and more and more and more and can’t bother to actually fucking earn it.
    Corporations are such pieces of shit. And America is owned by foreign and domestic corps. Game fucking over for us I guess.

  5. Glad you learned about pre order bullshit buuuuuut gamers on the hole are literally the worst and most likely to take it consumer son this planet soooooooo pre sales will continue and devs will continue lying and releasing shite.
    They know they’ll get paid no matter what.

  6. bannerlord should have a lawsuit as well… the game has been in EA for over a year, and everyone bought it like hotcakes. its unplayable most of the time and lacks immersion and depth. now they tell us the game is nearly complete and they have been working on a paid DLC.

  7. She doesn't need to look like a super-model but she also doesn't need to look like that famous mukbang guy… Especially with all the movement she does…

    Also making a female character strong by adding… masculine features? It only feels like an insult to women. And also, just like the previous "entertainment" products that pursues this kind of stuff… it only feels like a forced social agenda. I'm getting very sick of this.

    Don't know about the people who actively support this kind of "design choice" but majority of consumers aren't stupid. We all know that not everybody has divine beauty or has the face of Chad.

    For no reason other than some social agenda, if you take a beautiful / handsome character and turn it into a mukbang guy, consumers will get pissed. People who make these choices will one day end up as JK Rowling and gonna get canceled by their own fucking agenda. If not, it will be their games that gets canceled.

    The more I see choices like this, the more I think that the game is going to suck no matter the quality of it's previous titles.

    I mean come on…

    Fromsoftware creates lots of divine beauties with power & might shining into your eyes.

    CDPR keeps creating strong female characters with feminine traits and they don't even look like super-models, no matter how messed up & unfinished Cyberpunk 2077 is… Those female characters were all out-of-stereotype-range while also managing to "stay" as female.

    Rockstar creates variety of female characters, be it stereotype, out of ordinary, outright crazy, smart, stupid, strong, weak…

  8. Just learned about QM wave function and many worlds. CDPR is both a good company and a bad company, Cyber punk was both a good game and a terrible game. Then I observed the game. At least we can have solace knowing there's a parallel world in which we are all enjoying the promise of the RPG we deserve.

  9. I disagree, those Horizon face complaints are valid. A better looking main character does make for a more enjoyable gaming experience all around, just like better looking environments and enemy designs do. And that game sure doesn't appear to be making its gorgeous landscapes or cool robot dinosaurs look any less amazing than they possible could, so why treat Alloy any differently? Why should she the only aspect of the visuals where the aesthetic appeal dial is clearly intentionally cranked way down?

  10. One of the main issues is companies can fix games as they go along and patch these days. It's not like they sell a disk and that is it… I mean how many good games have day 1 patches?

  11. Idc if skins are sold 2€ 25€ or even 1000€ by definition they are non-core element of the game, they're worth the price you're willing to buy them.

  12. I feel so good about CDPR going down, it's almost palpable. Once the idealist studio that cared about putting out a good game, now the poster child of gaming industry greed. How do you fuck up that much?

  13. The IDEA that the game was/is so bad, is because of idiotic reviews like this. People created their own fantasy about the game and then disappoint themselves.

  14. I can only suggest to quit buying computer games from all the bad actors trying to loot-box you.
    As long as people keep buying up every crappy scam possible, the corpo-rats will stay their course.

    The biggest problem for CDPR is, that they've opened themselves up to attacks from the corporate vultures, who would love to move in for the kill…
    As for Cyberpunk, (on PC) – the game owes me nothing. Sure, it could have been better in various ways, but that is the case with every game, that is not equal to the universe…
    Unlike Star Citizen, they did at least make a game at all… And no $18 cosmetics…

  15. Well Ubisoft obviously don’t know their vowels, “ a Ubisoft original” my god really shows their intelligence smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  16. In my life I pre-order only one game: Cyberpunk 2077.

    I am happy that I did.
    The game is great, I finished it twice( nomad and town boy, now I am going to do it as a member of "high class", lol) and I will do it again.

    The game looks amazing, plays flawlessly and I do not get the hate. I really do not.
    It seems that all haters come from console area, which is just a bunch of useless, micromonetazing paying cows, if you ask me.

    Who cares what they think? The witcher 3 was released in worse state and it become legendary game.

    Damn, I think I will go and play it right now.

  17. I don't have a problem with Aloy not looking like hot. I love hot babes, but I don't require them everywhere. That said, I did think Aloy was pretty, but they didn't make her knock-out hot. Which I really appreciated.
    I'm a little tired of having all the main characters (men included) in shows or games be (specifically super-duper) attractive.
    This isn't some woke nonsense (I hate that crap), it just doesn't feel genuine. We can't all be 10s.

    HOWEVER, it seems they DEF made her face chunkier, & here is why I have a serious problem with this:
    Aloy, being who she is & doing what she does – i.e. scampering up & down cliff-faces like a gazelle, running, jumping, striking, climbing, & dodging robot dinosaurs, NOT to mention of the use of the bow & spear – Aloy would be in *FAN-TAS-TIC shape*. Period. She'd have a body like a gymnast. Amazing legs. Amazing ass. Some abe definition. Some upper-body strength. Jessica Biel circa Blade: Trinity (imo THE Pinnacle of female sexyness). & absolutely would not have a chunky face.
    *And that makes sense*. It's consistent with the rules of the story.

    So, however beautiful or not her face may be, one thing it would NOT be – is chunky. This worries me.


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