Cheapest FULL RTX 3080 Gaming Laptop? MSI GE75 Raider Hands on!

The MSI GE75 Raider is the mid-size, high performance model from MSI this year, featuring a full RTX 3080 NON MAX-Q. It is the lowest priced full RTX 3080 that I was able to find at CES2020. No firm prices yet, but $2000-2500 depending on spec choice. It should put out higher frame rates compared to the thinner laptops with Max Q versions of the RTX 3080.

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  1. I own a MSI GE75 Raider-048 8sg notebook.

    I face issues with the a frame drops especially getting capped on 48fps on all games.

    I've tried the followings and still stuck at a capped 48fps.

    – Disable the battery boost in Nvidia Experience.

    – Select on any game on Nvidia Control Panel with ""High-performance NVIDIA processor""

    – Enforce disabling V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing.

    – Disabling any recording tool.

    – Putting everything on maximum performance "SPORT" mode on msi dragon gaming center application.

    Your utmost support is critically needed to get above 60fps.

    I used to have 250fps on TRINE 4, but now it's stuck on 48fps.

  2. GentechPC is the best to buy from they have either the same lowest price as all the other retailers or lower with their random special and u can further upgrade it before it is even shipped to u. and they have all or most of the gaming brands to choose from.

  3. ill be spending close to 2700 or less on the 2070 after i upgrade it the way i want it an then have it shipped to me with dual channels an more memory so ill have more performance then some of the better models an still pay less.

  4. picked up the 15" version of this last week and the backlight bleed was HORRIBLE ! took it back and exchanged it for another unit and that too had awful light bleed. I hear that the Lenovo Legion Y740's having similar issues. I really love the MSI but the screen was a deal breaker. I hope that once a few months go by they will resolve these quality issues. Otherwise. beware.

  5. the 2080 version of this in Canada is selling $3499…. and guys, only the 2080 gets the 280w power with 1 extra heat pipe!!! hope the thermal will not be an issue for this laptop…. it is thinner than the GE73 bty…

  6. Ordered a GE75 / 2080 / Samsung 970 EVO 1TB / 1TB 7200 RPM HDD / Liquid metal repaste (cpu/gpu) / 16gb dual channel 2666mhz today from HIDevolution 🙂

    Was told it should ship to me on the 29th as they already have them in stock!

  7. I could see the other designs on Best Buy but this one I can't find it on Best Buy and to see how much it cost with it RTX 2080 does anyone else want to know?


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