Choosing motorsport's greatest team | The Maestros Part 4

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard celebrated The Maestros – Motorsport’s Great All-Rounders; those racing drivers to transcended single forms of motorsport to find success across the whole gamut of racing.

As part of that celebration ex-F1 driver and Le Mans racer Karun Chandhok explores the various eras of the Maestros, and those drivers whose names are writ large through motorsport history not just in F1, but sportscars, touring cars, rallying and more.

In the final episode Karun enlists the help of Richard Porter, of Sniff Petrol and the Smith and Sniff podcast, to help work out, mathematically, who the best all-round racing driver was of all time…

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Choosing motorsport's greatest team | The Maestros Part 4

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Comment (28)

  1. Why not Can-Am? At the time it was the biggest racing championship with the fastest and most powerful cars ever seen. To just ignore it is an insult to motorsport. Porsche in my opinion is hands down the best though but McLaren is right up there.

  2. I am sorry but Porsche won Le Mans 19 times, it has probably countless GT3 national and international championships, so really sorry but it is Porsche all the way, hands down to ze Germans

  3. How about Toyota and Honda? If DTM and Nascar counts, then the local leagues of Japan like JTCC should count too. Honda also won on 6 constructor's F1 championships, Toyota won LeMans 3 times. Not to mention Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru on WRC, Spa, Bathurst, Rolex, Daytona, ALMS, Dakar, etc.

    Or is this just a eurocentric wankkfest?

  4. The only objectively reasonable answer is Honda. They are the only OEM to hold multiple championships at the highest level for both four wheel (F1) and two wheel (500cc/MotoGP) motorsport… no other company can say that… not Ferrari, not Merc, not Porsche, nobody but Honda.

  5. I knew Ford would be top; touring cars, Le Mans, WSC, Indy, Nascar, Rallying, F1 – I don't even know another manufacturer who's won in all of those.


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