Cinema HD 2.0.4 Release Miraclebox 4.0 202-417-8456

changelog – Jun 10,2021 – 2.0.4 Release

-New ! Add Premiumize
-New ! Free Cached Torrent as default for premium account(Real Debrid,

All Debrid, Premiumize)
-New ! Fixbug : member key not remove ads on some devices (The new key

will send to mail for paid user)
-Fixedbug : History tab not working

Easy Step By Step Install Guide For The Latest NEW Release, CinemaHD

2.0.4 For Your Miraclebox Device. Keep Checking Back On

This Video For Any Future Updates For Both Versions Of This App.

Cinema HD 2.0.4 Release Miraclebox 4.0

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  1. Who put the Devil face on you? Mohadjadine or some spelling like that.
    I went to free on demand tv .com and theres some flag flying and it says hacked by Mohadjadine,…..tell your govt,……I'm jut looking for some channels,…. antenna or miracle box.


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