CinemaHD -TerrariumTV's Best Alternative W/Real Debrid

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This is an easy walk through video on how to download and use a great new APK called CinemaHD.

I would def get Real-Debrid ($3 a month) as it will unlock a ton of amazing 2160p feeds and get you an ample amount of HD feeds.

Go to this site to register

Once you pay go the settings tab inside of Cinema and scroll down to the Real-Debrid tab.
Then go to and type in your personal code on the screen. That will activate your account that you can also use inside of Terrarium as well.

CinemaHD -TerrariumTV's Best Alternative W/Real Debrid

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  1. Really hoping someone can help me with a question …. ok so i got premium a few months back and i was using it on my cinemaHD and it was flawless … but then it stopped working … and just being busy i didnt put the 2 & 2 together that my premium ran out … so i just paid for another 3 months and my question is … do i have to go re put it on my firestick? or cinemaHD? like i cant figure out if i have it on and working … is it a app on my firestick? any help will be much appreciated

  2. I just bought real debrid for just 30 days to try it out. Had trouble with buffering. Using Cinema HD and like it but after a while it is starting to buffer and freeze. I clear the cache out after each use.
    I changed the settings to log into RD. I get yellow links but when I click them, it goes to play screen, I click it but it doesn’t play. For example I clicked on The Resident TV show.
    Tried all the yellow no luck.

  3. My Cinema apk and Cyberflix have Real Debrid login access points, but won't authorize. I logged in to my paid account and have never been able to use it because the screen is stuck on authorize (with the code) but it never clears. The apps don't grant real debrid API access to the apks. I may be forced to use KODI or I simply can't use the service. I made sure to turn off the VPN while attempting to pair. I don't know why it's stuck on the grey screen with the code and won't pair with the website once that code is entered. I'm using the T95Z Plus.

  4. Anyone know why 5.1 doesn't stay? If I use Real-Debrid, select a source with 5.1, My stereo shows "Digital" for a brief moment and I can hear the 5.1 sound, but it always just switches right back over to stereo.
    UPDATE: Just tried with VLC and MX player too. Same issue. It actually seems best so far with built in, at least it bounces back and forth between 5.1 and stereo a few times before settling on stereo. WTF?

  5. Just got a little square pop up that says "New Version" with an Install option, but my FireTV remote won't allow me to navigate on the screen at all to this box so I can't use the install option. The only thing I can do is hit the back button and the New Version box goes away and my remote capabilities are restored. But how do I install the new version??? Tried checking for updates but it just takes me to the original website where I initially installed the apk.

  6. Has anyone figured out how to update it on the firestick? There’s a new update for it now but the amazon remote I can’t click on anything to download it. I’m afraid if I go back on the site to redownload the latest version it’ll remove all the tv shows and movies I have under favorites

  7. If you download the mouse you have a bit more control over choosing things. Like your favorites, but the mouse isn't all that great either as it gets lost on the page.

  8. Great video sir thank you . I been using real debrid for two years I highly recommend it. Make both these apps work much better and also kodi Add ons. Also mention that real debrid links are secure. The real debrid server vpn the link from there side so no vpn needed to protect you from your isp.


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