COD 2021 Reveal: All Warzone Secret Rooms Explained (Black Ops Cold War)

Today Pawn takes pawn was updated yet again the easter egg for Call of Duty 2021 and Black Ops returns. Day 4 revealed New Secret Rooms in Warzone In this video I explain the next clue: the Call of Duty 2021 Reveal. Today I explain All Warzone Secret Rooms so far. Hope you enjoy!


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COD 2021 Reveal: All Warzone Secret Rooms Explained (Black Ops Cold War)

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  1. Ok I am wondering. It could be absolutely nothing or something. When I have over looked and entered the bunker 11 and shows the nuke assembly. But bunker 10 is a the main launch nuke. So I was wondering if rebooting the computer in bunker 11 starts the timer in the boardroom. From 10 and stops at 1. Just thinking that all nukes need a launch codes. Wouldn’t this activate the laptops/computers around the map. Now we have the access code for bunker 10 which has the nuke and launch it? I know I am stretching but getting a 30 kill nuke is difficult already wouldn’t this be another way of achieving the same. As it requires a more stealthy and code breaking method. Just a thought.

  2. If the new COD wants to integrate with Warzone, it would have to take the whole IW algorithm and not give Treyarch, I think it would be better, because the dynamics and texture of the MW / Warzone is much better than the Black Ops series. What do you think?

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  4. i found some kind of pre teaser or pre trailer on twitter and i'm really trying to figure out if its legit or is someone really putting out rick rolls, it has the call of duty logo at the end and makes multiple references to the game


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