COD Black Ops 2010 vs Black Ops 2021 – Weapons Comparison

2:41 SMGs
8:51 LMGs

Which one is which? – First, Black Ops 2021, second Black Ops 2010.

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COD Black Ops 2010 vs Black Ops 2021 – Weapons Comparison

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Comment (34)

  1. Black Ops CW is a good example to stop making annual CoD's. CW looks like a downgraded MW 2019. The could have profited so much more had they just updated the battle pass/dlc's for MW 2019 for 1-2 more years. Then they could have used that profit to create another worthy title

  2. did they really not animate the Spas-12 on an empty reload to pump it to load a shell into the chamber? or since its in Semi-auto mode have the charging handle lock back so it makes sense as to how a shell got into the chamber?

  3. Other difference between BO1 and CW is the war of BO (that is the Vietnam War and it happened) and CW (a war between the USA and SU and it didn't happened anyway). That´s one of the reasons that I don´t like CW.

  4. Compare to the old one, Cold War still looks better, I mean this is obvious of course and unfair but yeah at least they are improving although some of the things in game are not great

  5. I just want to know why your character in cold war racks the charging handle of the m4 and m16 instead of pressing the god dam button when reloading. Like no one does that ever.


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