COD Black Ops COLD WAR – All Weapons Showcase

Weapons list:

1:35 SMGs
7:19 LMGs

Call of Duty playlist:

Weapon Showcase playlist:

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COD Black Ops COLD WAR – All Weapons Showcase

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  1. Call me pretentious, but I always LOVED the cold war era weapons way more than modern guns. They are just more badass. And I downright HATE futuristic weapons in the COD games!

  2. The animations and the way they hold the guns is too cartoony like Battlefield. Did COD use the same game engine as Battlefield. And why are a lot of guns not using their actual names? Did Treyarch lose their permission to use them?

  3. Whenever the M60 sounded across the battlefield in the original Black Ops, you'd turn tail and run in the opposite direction.

    This one just sounds some squeaky. It's like what they did to the MG42 – Which was named Hitler's Buzzsaw for a reason – in CoD: WW2 with how slow it fired and how soft it sounded.

  4. One thing that bothers me so much that it's the cold war … but the guns are absolutely spotless and there is almost little to nothing with scratches on them

  5. Very Disappointing, this doesn't seem like "cold war weapons" too many are from the very late cold war after the cold war.
    – Where's golden age of submachine guns like the 1200rpm MAC-10? The Swedish K? The Sterling? The Uzi?
    – Skorpion VZ61 would have worked in the pistol slot as would the MAC-11
    – The M16 should have a 20 round capacity but be balanced by no vertical kick just like the ACR of Modern Warfare 2
    – There needs to be "Battle rifles" like the FAL and G3 where the G3 includes the "world going a blur" when firing full auto
    – That revolver reload animation is just pathetic

    – The M16 reload is also awful, the animation is needlessly long with the bolt being pulled back because the capacity is 30 rounds the reload needs to be slowed down.
    – To hell with that modern "mag flick" reload, that's not a Cold War era reload.
    – Where's interesting shotguns like the Atchisson Assault Shotgun (the 1972 original, not the 2005 redesign) and the monstrously powerful KS-23 in multiplayer?
    – What about weird things like the Gyrojet pistol that could pair so well with shotgun builds as it's a unique weapon that does more damage at longer range.

    – Why does the M79 not sound like a "bloop"?

  6. Didn't they have the Uzi, Dragunov, PKM, and Makarov in MW2019? why didn't the devs recycle them? The M16 also should have had a receiver option wit A1 and Flat-top A1 and A2 receivers and a Full length A1 handguard and the M203 in the barrel section.


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