CONTROL 4K DLSS 2.0 Vs DLSS Comparison | RTX ON | Maximum Settings | RTX 3080 Ti

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  1. 00:03 4K QUALITY DLSS 2.0 2560×1440 Vs DLSS 1.9 2560×1440 FPS TEST
    02:04 4K PERFORMANCE DLSS 2.0 1920×1080 Vs DLSS 1.9 1920×1080 FPS TEST
    03:38 4K QUALITY DLSS 2.0 2560×1440 Vs DLSS 1.9 1920×1080 Graphics Comparison
    05:02 4K PERFORMANCE DLSS 2.0 1920×1080 Vs DLSS 1.9 1920×1080 Graphics Comparison
    Haven't the balanced preset in this video, it stays around 53-55 fps average, no big visual difference to performance, performance wins overall in my opnion you can clearly play at 4K 60FPS.

  2. Gimmick AF. Render it at a lower resolution and use a sharpen reshade or something better, with a monitor that has a feature of vivid pixels, the result is the same as the DLSS 2.0 BS.
    We need a better brutal raw power GPU, not something like this shite to compromise a supposed-better product.

  3. Can you guys explain, I have a hard time understanding this tech. So, I have a 1440p monitor. Does this mean I have to set my main res to native 1440p and for example – the rendering res to 1080p in order to get more fps (like I'm playing in 1080p) but with the look of my native 1440p?

  4. It looks better with much less motion artifacts. But I still think DLSS in Youngblood and other DLSS 2.0 supported games looks way better. Tbh this game is a blurry mess with artifacts even at native resolution. DLSS helps get rid of the blur with much better performance so it's a win. Remedy just needs a better engine than this.

  5. I'm not getting those presets options like in Wolfenstein (Quality, Performance, etc) so i'm not sure if i got the updated version, what i can tell you is that i'm able to choose 1080p for render resolution and set resolution to 4k, does that mean that i'm using dlss 2.0?


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