Corsair Crystal 680X RGB Build feat. MSI RTX 3080 Ti and AMD Ryzen 2700X! | bit-tech

Today we do a stock build of a full Corsair ecosystem with some brand new components and accessories into their new Crystal 680X RGB chassis. Website …

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  1. Although it can fit a 360 rad, dont. The case is too short to fit a push pull with the cideo card id you do. Putting a 360 also means you have both a fan on the top and bottom that cant be mounted due to the rad intruding on the space

  2. I really wish case manufacturers would build cases dedicated for vertical mount GPU's. Keeping the standard horizontal slots and putting the GPU mounting right in front of the glass does nothing but choke off the GPU's air supply. I know you can get around this with water cooling but not everyone can afford $1k to install a custom loop to get around this issue.

  3. just asking what's the thickness of the RTX 2080ti (in cm if you can) and how much space its left for it to breathe? I have an Gigabyte RTX2060 Super the one with RGB fans and in my NZXT case I can't close the glass window because the card is too thick so if it can stay in that case I would probably buy it. (my card is 6cm thick)

  4. It seems that corsair premium riser cable isn‘t produced anymore or at least it currently is very difficult to find one for a reasonable price. Do you think 20cm length would also fit properly without stretching the cable too much?


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