Cyberpunk 2077 – 8 Huge Mistakes You're Doing Right Now! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)

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AVOID THESE! Cyberpunk 2077 – 8 Huge Mistakes You’re Doing Right Now! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)
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Cyberpunk 2077 – 8 Huge Mistakes You're Doing Right Now! (Cyberpunk Tips & Tricks)

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Comment (32)

  1. Craft inner flame flame-resistant rockerjack jacket after breaking down just really pointless weak guns they sell for 1079 eddies just buy and sell and get the money back you spent

  2. Not saving before every ncpd quest or mission in general…damn psalm 11:6 will forever be the empty space on my stash wall until cdpr fix it or my next playthrough

  3. Also visit a ripper doc and tab over to the trade section. You can buy a respec mod. It's expensive but you can respec without rolling back saves or restarting Edit: it costs 100,000 so not that expensive lol

  4. Idk what you're talking about when you say that 100K is almost impossible to make. I am about 40% in or less and I have over 200K. I have all the good free stuff, cars, weapons, clothing, etc. and never bought almost anything. I did loot like crazy tho. Every little thing. I like that. Here's 2 little secrets. Better disassembled weapons instead of selling them. And, loot the alcohol bottles from clubs and sell those . You're welcome : )

  5. I got up to 45k before I was level 15 and was able to buy a lot of usefully things. But 90% of my main stuff was all found or given to me. Just picking up stacks of money and hacking the enemy systems for money.


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