CYBERPUNK 2077 guide, focusing on 14 beginner and advanced gameplay tips. Reload faster, expand storage, loot quicker, reset perks, use slo-mo, gain bonus exp + money, kill safely, and more.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Faster Reloading
01:02 Smart Targeting
01:49 Slo-mo Boost
02:26 Safe Targeting
03:20 Scope Swap
03:55 Quick Loot Ping
04:27 Vehicle Storage
04:53 Turret Rip
05:11 Perk Reset
05:28 Skill Checks
05:57 Breach Loot
06:27 No Hacking
07:00 Ammo Crafting
07:28 Arm Mods
08:07 Outro

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  1. TIP #5 UPDATE: You CAN remove gun attachments by pressing middle mouse or Y / triangle on controller.

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    to make anything from 8-bit to 8k, equally enjoyable. Consider sticking around on the channel if you fall into that category! -Alex

  2. Am I the only one who realizes you don’t need to use a non lethal weapon to take down someone in a non lethal way? All of the cyberpsychos can be shot or blown up with lethal weapons and they just fall to the ground injured. The only way to actually kill them is to shoot them after their health reaches 0. Not sure if it’s a glitch

  3. A tip about attributes the best way to maximize them and get the most out of all and your specific play style is bring every attribute to 9 that gives you most of the perks and bonuses for each of the attributes and then spec two of the attributes that you're going to use to 20 for your build then spend the rest wherever you'd like to increase. That seems that give you the most out of your builds. So don't go over 9 in a tree unless your going to use it as part of your build

  4. When levelling up Annihilation, a shotgun such as carnage or testera is your best friend. If you can find a legendary testera in a shop (not crafting, bought in a store) you can get one with 4 mod slots available on it, which can be filled with four epic crunch mods (increases damage per shot by 8 points). 8 points doesn't sound like much, but when applied to the testera, it increase all 20 shots by 8 points – that's a 400 damage per shot increase. If you have the headshot perk from the stealth tree, that raises headshot damage by a further 50% (shotguns don't do extra headshot damage normally), you can further increase headshot damage with an eye mod I believe which can be bought from Viktor Vector by paying him 21,000 to clear your debt and gain access to his shop (L1 or R1 from the cyberware buying screen). Now you have a shotgun which is dealing it's base 40-50 damage, plus 400 bonus damage, multiplied by 2 for headshots, plus whatever perks you have. Also, it fires 20 shots per trigger press, and headshots are counted into annihilation experience, which means you can be gaining thousands of xp for every enemy you shoot directly in the head, oh and doing crazy damage as well.

  5. For levelling up quickhacking, ping is your friend, however DO NOT ping enemies individually, as this will only give you the basic 100xp for quickhacking, whilst revealing the location of all enemies on the subnet. Instead, find a device such as a floodlight, generator, or sometimes cameras (less reliable), and ping that instead – this will ricochet to all the users on the subnet, breaching them with ping individually, giving you 100xp PER PERSON that is revealed. This is the quickest and easiest way to get the initial 100xp from each enemy you encounter, and reveals them to mark and shoot with tech weapons, giving you weapon xp AND engineering xp if they are behind walls/cover.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a parallel for breach protocol that I know of, so you'll have to keep hacking them stinkin' craving satisfaction machines lol. Speaking of craving satisfaction machines – if you find the ones that cost 10 eddies (not the ones that cost 5), then you can repeatedly mash the X button whilst facing the vending chamber to buy and collect around 30 mid-tier consumables, which can then be dismantled (preferably with the mechanic perk from the crafting tree) to yield a high number of common and uncommon crafting components. These can be used to create MaxDoc3s or simply sold for a much greater profit (haven't done the math, but it's a lot)

  6. Enemies that are knocked unconscious or non-lethal stealth takedowns still count as cold blood experience when you kill them, therefore clearing out an area of 11 enemies non-lethally allows you to run around and get 1000xp of cold blood by massacring them with your weapon of choice, guaranteeing the cold blood xp timer doesn't run out.

    Also with regards to cold blood, buying only ONE stack of cold blood ensures that every time you kill an enemy mid-countdown, the timer will reset to maximum instead of just continuing down from whatever it was on when you made the kill. In order to make it easiest to get cold blood experience, buy level 1 cold blood and 2 levels of the duration ability that becomes available at level 7 cool to increase the timer to 20 seconds after every kill. You can upgrade to more stacks when you get the coolagulant ability, which removes stacks one at a time.

    Finally, pedestrians also give cold blood experience, so if you don't mind getting chased by cops – when you find a huge group of people, eg at a rave, you can throw a couple of weak frag grenades into the party to gain 2000+ cold blood xp for free, just make sure you have a car or bike handy to outrun the po po.

  7. If you're speccing into crafting – MaxDoc3 will essentially allow you to turn common/uncommon crafting components into rare/epic ones for no cost – also if you craft a large number say a hundred, then dismantle ten of them one by one, you'll get crafting exp as if you dismantled 100+99+98+97+96+95+94+93+92+91 = 955 units, giving you masses of crafting experience alongside the components.

  8. Take no prisoners.

    My builds are set up around non-lethal damage. After downing all the enemies in an area, I take a weapon I am trying to level and put everyone out of my misery.

    Double xp gains.


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