Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL 7 ENDINGS (Good, Bad & Secret Ending)

All 7 Cyberpunk 2077 endings Including don’t fear the reaper secret ending where you have to wait a few minutes on the balcony to trigger it.

0:00 V Shoots Himself Ending
3:13 All Along the Watchtower Ending (Panam’s Path)
26:15 New Dawn Fades Ending
46:12 Where is My Mind? (Sign Contract Ending)
1:27:07 Where is My Mind? (Refuse to Sign Ending)
1:29:22 Path of Glory Ending (Rogue’s Path)
1:53:16 Don’t Fear The Reaper Secret Ending

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Cyberpunk 2077 – ALL 7 ENDINGS (Good, Bad & Secret Ending)

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Comment (35)

  1. I got the New Dawn Fades first and then the Where Is My Mind and signed the contract. I liked both endings but i think the second one would have been my first option if i knew how it was going to end.

  2. This game shouldn’t be defined by its bugs. The storyline, the characters, the relationships built with all the side characters, character growth in each act, how beautiful and individual each part of the city looks all make this such a great game. When characters speak to V, it feels like they’re speaking directly to you, each ending feels personalized, each choice made felt important. I haven’t felt this immersed in a game in a long time, it’s one of those where you wish you could play through it for the first time over and over again.

  3. I got the devil ending and I felt so depressed. My goal was to play a very corpo and "normal" V, but I still thought there was a possibility for a good ending. When Takemura came in and told me I was still dying I felt like shit 🧍🏻‍♀️
    This was so well written tho

  4. Good ending: Hanako is dead, Yorinobu can change the company and his conscience isn't replaced by Soburo's. V has a chance to be healed and live a life with the Aldacaldo's, sleeping under the stars, free of night city

  5. The endings to this game feel way too heavy compared to the rest of the game's story. Like, the rest of the game has this sort of "feel good" comfort to it yet each ending really challenges you in ways that the game never really throws at you beforehand.

  6. i gave it to johnny and felt cheated, than i gave it to myself killen them all alone a thing of beauty, just to go out alone. there are no happy endings choomba is what jacki would have said.

  7. So If I understand correctly, the only ending where Soul killer falls, V goes on living with the resources to find a long term solution, and the people that actually give a shit about V are still around, and V is not presumably assassinated in space by Arasaka is the Star ending. Holy shit did I pick right.

  8. CD Projekt Red should make another Cyberpunk game. This time with V flying in an AV he flew home with Panam not to mention space ships he would obtain in a station in orbit. The stations would be big as the ones in X Rebirth and its interior would be like the ones in Star Citizen, only better. Night City was an awesome work of art. I can't imagine how the interior let alone exterior of stations would look like in Night City concept.

    Also, V's missions would cause the customer 'V' to travel from Night City on the planet to another city on another planet thus expanding the place of interests including spaceships. There were a list of ground vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, imagine a list of spaceships including AVs in the new Cyberpunk series. All except building stations.

  9. I like the ending mission with rogue but not the epilogue for it. It's poetic: Rogue lives in the shadow of regret over cutting a deal with the corps for her position of power and has even stated that she always knew johnny would return to change everything. It began in Arasaka tower when Johnny died and it ends in Arasaka tower for the both of them. His first attack being egotistical and self centered in his hatred for Arasaka and his second being an act of selflessness to save his friend V.

  10. I chose the arasaka offer because i figured panam and the nomads wouldn’t be able to do anything for me, so i ended up having to chose between dying before winter or selling my soul to a fucking mega corporation, shit pissed me off. I didn’t feel like playing it again for another ending, story was good but everything else was complete shit about this game. Took 7 years to make this shit game, waste of my time and money

  11. Takemura tells you that Yorinobu is worse than hes father, while Hanako is so much better, you realize that this is not the case way after you make the choice. Also if anyone can save V's life it should be Arasaka with its infinite resources. Also I thought that if we let Alt do her thing, there will be a robot uprising and the world will end. Also I didnt want to call Panam, cause I thought that if I did, she will end up getting killed. Also I thought that if I gave control to Johnny, hes not gonna give it back.
    And what do I get? The most horrifying ending Ive ever seen. It made me feel empty inside. Well made tho, cant remember if a game has ever made me feel like I was in a Black Mirror episode.
    If the Secret ending wasn't a secret I would have chosen it.

  12. I got the "where's my mind" ending, and, to be honest, it's a good one, it's probably the best one, the most realistic, and least dumb of the bunch. No justice, no happy ending, just the way of things. It gave me a sort of "Brasil" (the movie) kind of taste. That one was the best one, no doubt.


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