CYBERPUNK 2077 All Endings – 6 Different Ending

CYBERPUNK 2077 All Endings – 6 Different Ending PS5 Xbox Series X PC

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CYBERPUNK 2077 All Endings – 6 Different Ending

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  1. Fucking weird ass game cmon i mean wtf r ppl doing they aren't even honest to themselves this is sooooooooo fuckin overrated trash and to think it took them 9 fuckin years in development fuck u guys and fuck CDPR this is absolute pile of trash deserves a 4.5 to be honest

  2. Shame they cut all the third person cut scenes in the rest of the game like what was in the demo. They work really well, and cool to see your V more clearly.

  3. 5 endings. Not 6.
    1. Best ending: kick ass alone.
    2. Kick ass with Rogue.
    3. Arasaka ending.
    4. Panam ending – for simps.
    5. "End things on your own terms" on the roof.

  4. the rogue ending is more likely the canon ending if you really think about it that ending totally complete Johnny's story by having him kill Adam Smasher ….having one last ride with rogue and having Johnny destroying the arasakas like he always wanted, and V finally becaming the Legend of night city like him and Jackie always wanted to be and V wouldnt want the alcedados to die for him specially Panam ….THAT is the ending that sound more canon to me and you got to see while Mr Bleu Eyes send you to assault the crystal palace he made a deal with V maybe he got a Cure for V Mr Bleu eyes is obviously powerful or V can find a Cure in the Palace there a many ways V can be cured with this ending so dont just write it off

  5. I really sit there for a long time listening to the bgm and had no idea of which choice to make.and this scene really reminded me of the ending of BladeRunner…”time to die”…which is deeply despairing.

  6. Guys you need to watch the part where V talks to Alt during the Aldecaldos ending! Specifically after going into Cyberspace with the help of Dakota. It is highly suggested that Alt knows and knew that V cannot be saved from the start!

  7. I think there should be an unconventional ending like this: V decides to go with Alt to cyber space. Instead of having a Johnny epilogue, we wake up in V's body in 2020. He's taking off a VR headset. He's in the back of a guitar shop called Time Machine, the same one we see in Johnny's ending. The store owner offered him a once in a lifetime experience with this new experimental yet illegal VR game everyone is crazy about. He goes to pay at the checkout when suddenly the front door opens and, in slow motion, somebody comes inside. SAMURAI music starts playing. V turns around and their eyes meet. V whispers under his breath "F**king Johnny Silverhand". Johnny says: "Hello, V.", takes off his glasses and gives him a cheeky smile. Camera slowly zooms in on his face. Music intensifies. Cut to black screen. Roll the credits.

  8. Imagine… All Saints Day on the Afterlife, with V holding a drinking party, celebrating with a drink of all of his/her dead npc friends. Fast forward a few decades and we might even see their Engrams. Such Interesting endings. [Screams in Sequel Ideas]

  9. Replayed the whole game again – three major problems are present. 1 – You cannot have 7 endings and not even one happy… it is just dumb. 2 – After the final mission you are returned back to "Meet Hanako at Embers" mission and it just does not feel right. 3 – me as many other ppl lost desire to play more after that.

  10. the rogue ending totally complete johnny's story buy killing Adam having a last ride with rogue destroy the arasaka like he always wanted, and V finally became the Legend of night city like him and Jackie always wanted to be….THAT is the ending that sound more canon to me


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