Cyberpunk 2077 – All Gunplay & Melee Gameplay So Far! (2021 – 2021!)

Gunplay, Katanas, Mantis Blades & Melee from 2021 to 2021 to 2021 all showcased in this Raw Gameplay video. This includes the automatic pistol, tech shotgun and smart rifle from 2021 and the scavenger & maelstrom scene, the 2021 deep dive with the heavy rifles and hand to hand combat, as well as 2020s katana, hand to hand combat and rifle/mantis blade mission.

Katana gameplay via

Cyberpunk 2077 – All Gunplay & Melee Gameplay So Far! (2021 – 2021!)

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  2. Wow that looked fucking awful, just a generic rail shooter borrowing gimmicks from other games. Not even very well either. Enemies were constantly bugging around in the fucking DEMO like this is the best footage they could find? enemies glitching into the ground, one of the chicks yelled and meleed only to get teleported a foot back to miss the player lmfao. The fist fight was a joke, they get hit once and are stunned for like 10 seconds? And why were they just waiting for the other to get beat up while just looking on doing nothing? They probably made the stamina regen so slowly to give the shit AI time to figure out what to do. This is gonna be the next fallout 76, overhyped with next to zero execution.

  3. Y'all believe the reddit post about the cut content. It basically being GTA 5 where it get released and barely worked on while they only focus on cyberpunk online. Honestly I'm kinda worried.

  4. I think this is the first game I'm excited to choose a female player character. I always play (at least my first run) as my own gender (male) but fem V is totally kickass and I love her voice over.
    Male V's voice over sounds kind of "Southern" and raspy, which I'm not totally sold on. I really want to hear more, but atm I'm undecided who I'm going to play as first! 🥴🤪

  5. 4:33 the mantis blades look good there, but in the second part near the end when you see the mantis blades, it looks like the animations and how you use them have been downgraded. I hope this isn't the case, I like the finisher moves.

  6. This was a great comp but I'm sick of fucking waiting, guys who keep saying 'well at least they are making sure it's perfect' are just saying that because it's either say wtf it's been 7 years hurry the hell up please, or please don't give us a shity cross of cod and dnd. Hurry it up cdpr i wanna spend my money noww

  7. I haven't really heard many people talking about this but can we take a moment to appreciate the UI in this game. I appreciate that it isn't just an after thought. The developers realized "hey this a Cyberpunk world with cybernetic implants so let's make the UI a piece of technology that V can also see"

  8. Awesome video Neon! Keep up the great work

    Looks like your videos that has the minimal negative connotation of any kind (the divisive gameplay reception for example) receive quite a lot of dislikes, I really don't understand why, is it frustration from confused fans??

  9. To me, recent gameplay looks a little different. What disappoints me though is the features they removed. Kinda killed the hype for me a little. We'll see in November.

  10. Is it weird that, after the infodump we got at the end of June, I am now in a position where I feel like I don't want any more news until the game releases? I mean, I am already sold on this game, & now just want to avoid any spoilers!

  11. All these complaints about attack animations we see in my opinion is the result of not showing the more endgame version of those cobat styles. The developers mentioned that as V unlocked more Perk he will improve with those combat styles through handling of the weapons and maybe even improve on their animation to show V improve from a amateur to a expert.

  12. I love cyberpunk to bits, I equally if not more love vikings. I'm worried this game might not meeet my expectations while with Valhalla, having enjoyed Odessy I want more of the same with vikings so I kinda know what to expect. Hope cyberpunk can deliver on the hype it's generating if it fails… Well feck


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