CYBERPUNK 2077 | Cinematic Trailer ft. KEANU REEVES | E3 2020 | Reaction!

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  1. Sorry, Dude. I like your reviews, but you are a little bit unprepared for a Trailer-Reaction of cyberpunk2077
    Before you have watched this trailer, you should have watched the Gameplay-Video first (very Alpha back then but still…) . I think they will do, the same what they did with the wichter 3 (a slight downgrade) but overall i expect this game will still look f… awesome.

    At least, you could answer a lot of your questions yourself. Yes, the Keanu-Thing is surprising, but i dont think he did it because he is a lot into Video-games, but i think that he likes good immersive stories. And this is what CD-Project Red is known and what they stand for.

    Hope, with cyberpunk 2077 they will have there next big horse in the stable, besides the witcher-world.
    People are very hyped about the game, but unfortunatly, this is something that can become very dangerous for CDPR

  2. As "V" the main character. You can customize him to be whatever you want him to look as. If you wanna make him look asian you can. Also Samurai is the name of the band the character Johnny Silverhand "Keanu Reeves" was in.


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