Cyberpunk 2077 – Dataminers Discover Big 32GB Patch! Biggest Update Ever Ad Goes Viral…New Updates

Cyberpunk 2077 News Updates – So recently dataminers have discovered a big 32GB patch is potentially being worked on for Cyberpunk 2077. Plus a recent biggest update ever ad went viral but there’s a catch. And CD Projekt RED has successfully acquired a new studio…what does it mean for the future of Cyberpunk 2077 and even The Witcher 4?

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A marketing campaign has started. "AND THERE’S MORE TO COME! ‘ from cyberpunkgame

Cyberpunk 2077 will soon get its biggest update to date, with “more to come” [UPDATE]

A marketing campaign has started. "AND THERE’S MORE TO COME! ‘ from cyberpunkgame

cdpr qa team is testing a new build/patch which seems to be as big as 1.2 if not bigger from cyberpunkgame

DLC branch has been updated 2 hours ago. from cyberpunkgame

CD Projekt Red acquires Digital Scapes to form new Vancouver studio

I think I finally figured out why the game doesn’t draw me in and immerse me from cyberpunkgame

Cyberpunk 2077 – Dataminers Discover Big 32GB Patch! Biggest Update Ever Ad Goes Viral…New Updates

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  1. why people are exaggerating the game is very awesome the bugs is not that bad stop trying to ruin people gaming let people experience it their self I am on Xbox One i have no problem playing this game on my console🧐🤔

  2. I think restoring cut content isn't only inevitable, it's logical. Cut content is stuff that's already half-done and in their systems. It's a fact that they're planning on releasing free and paid DLC, so it's almost a guarantee that at least some of that pre-maid cut content will find its way into the process to save on development time. I gotta agree with Murder Hobo Squad about the big expansions though. Especially regarding old-gen console players. People who were so monumentally disappointed might not touch this game again period. I've always thought that after refunding their money, CDPR should offer these players a free copy of CP2077 on any system of their choosing. If they did this just a month or so before releasing paid DLC, I'd wager most of those players would come back and most of those people would end up buying the DLC. That's the only real way I can see CDPR winning back some of those people who completely lost faith in this game after the launch.

  3. Problem with cyberpunk is that the city doesn't feel alive at all. I would love to see cops or maxtac chase criminals randomly. Other random events that happen in the streets that are not marked on the map to at least give me a feeling that the city has a life of its own. Side activities like drinking or eating out. There are a lot of food and drink merchants and they are just bland vendors with identical stocks of food items. Which the player already drowns in… Why can't I eat ramen at a food stand the same way the PC does during cutscenes… How easy it would've been to give the main character a 8 in-game hour buff when eating food? Then you wouldn't have to clutter every single nook and cranny with useless food items and actually make eating meaningful… Maybe take a page out Fallout's book and add a survival/hardcore mode where the PC actually has to eat and sleep to survive? Optional of course. Give the game some depth…

    Doing the same sidequests becomes boring fast and there's nothing else to do in this games except advance the mainquest or do rinse and repeat sidequests. There's no roleplay at all since you can't frigging do anything…

    Crafting is god awful… You drown in parts that you can't upgrade in bulk… Shit like that should've been addressed in the very first hotfixes…

    This game is like Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, but with a bigger map. All story, but no other content. At least the devs of that game didn't give false promises. So it didn't feel like a massive let down.

    I bought the game on launch and I still haven't finished it… I inch my way through the main storyline, which is good, but the game outside of the mainstory and certain sidequests gets stale fast and it just doesn't keep me interested. What a shame :/ I feel bad for Mike Pondsmith.

  4. I wish that depending on the ending choice it would continue after that point instead of dropping you back to the building to restart the final phase to do all over again, like Fallout 3 ended up doing to continue playing the dlc.

  5. It's just a simple thing…..they have to keep patching it until what they did promised is in the game…..and believe me, this game will become a masterpiece and it will sell more…..I hope these guys learn their mistake and won't waste the potential of this game….

  6. I was super hyped for the No Man's Sky release, and got let down. Super hyped for CP2077 release, and got let down. Fool me Thrice?! Nah dude.. no more pre-ordering. From now on i base my trust in actuall proof post-launch in any game.

  7. I was so disappointed with this game. They made you believe it would feel alive with a bunch to do and npc to talk to. Skyrim is still a million times better. It's a shame, we can literally go back and time and get better rpg.

  8. My issue is we should not be having to wait for the update/hotfixs/rest of game I enjoy this game BUT what the suits did at launch rightfully hurt the reputation this kinda bs from studios "launch broken fix later" mindset needs to be called out or game companies will continue to pull thiganers you paid 60$ you should get a 60 game it's like buy a xbox or ps5 console and it not working I'm pretty sure you would be returning it to store same principle here

  9. Cyberpunk needs a lot of features added, maybe cdpr should just watch their own announcement videos and marketing material for inspiration. They still have a lot of things to add before anyone should pay for an expansion, they need to focus on content and features, its not just about shiny next-gen visuals.


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