Cyberpunk 2077 – Dev Declares 2021 Worst Year of His Life! Fans React! Free DLC Not Anytime Soon?

Cyberpunk 2077 News and Updates – 2021 was one hell of a year. Yikes. One developer of CD Projekt RED declares just how bad of a year it actually was and his plans to turn things around in 2021. Plus it might be that free DLC isn’t coming out anytime soon…? Also more on Keanu Reeves being hired « last second. »

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Dev Declares 2021 Worst Year of His Life! Fans React! Free DLC Not Anytime Soon?

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  1. It has nothing to do with hype. It is kind of criminal to release/sell an unfinished, incomplete, unpolished and broken game/product. Feel like an idiot throwing MY money away. I hope CD RED will be brought to justice.

  2. @3:30 I'm glad people are excited to return, and loved the story. I'd like to return but only if the DLC adds a future for V. I loved the main story, but my desire to return to the world goes with their survival.

  3. Everytime I see big names attached to a game I know it’s gonna be shitty Bc I kno they don’t just not pay those ppl and I know it takes away from the game someway

  4. The game would’ve been infinitely better if they focused a bit harder on the physics and then also why tf can you go third person in a car but not on foot that’s ridiculous and beyond stupid then also some of them patting themselves on the back after having 10+ (copyright when you load the game says 2005-2020) years knowledge of the game but still released it with content cut and very much unfinished gtfo I didn’t mind when they intended on fixing it but I’m over it man they lost respect on this project at least

  5. There's over hyping and then there's releasing a game that wasnt up to par we with 2011 Skyrim. Hype has nothing to do with it when u release an unfinished broken game that cant stand with games that are 10 years older than it. Any one defending this game is just choosing to be delusional because they had so much emotion invested in to it. Even with out the bugs the game is basic and has no real rpg depth. They told us we were getting a RPG, they gave us a looter shooter

  6. The Witcher was and is the best game ever created. I think that over the next year or two Cyberpunk will be close to TW3 but you cant beat the Witcher lol. Honestly I think CP is taking too much heat man, yea it should have been delayed; however, devs were getting death threats and shit lol

  7. Johnny Silverhand was probably planned as DLC content instead of the main quest. Imagine a DLC where you would find out about engrams, and one of these engrams ends up invading your body like a virus and tries to take control of it. You, then, have to uncover the mystery behind his death or you'll end up being overwritten by that "virus".

  8. Silver hand is quite good in the game.
    But I can see how shifting storyline and alot development plan can make other good stuff not getting made and wasting time in general.
    This make me appreciate developers did great job impomenting silver hand story mid way.

  9. Idk after keanu’s inclusion it feels like the whole story is built to suck his dick and it’s barely even about my character and what I did in the game. Supposedly in 2018 the game was nearly finished and surprise surprise keanu’s involvement caused the 3 delays because the cdpr higher ups wanted another matrix game instead of the genius fleshed out world that mike pondsmith wrote. It’s such a god damn shame

  10. I think CDPR had to change many things already done in the game after hiring Keanu midway.

    In some old trailer T Bug and Dexter Deshawn are present together when V comes back from the heist. Then V kills the security guy with the Mantis Blade.

    No shit they had to redo the whole story.

  11. Having a lot of fun, seen worse releases (funcom) looking forward to patches and dlc's.
    Keaneu had a good story imho in it, but he still always "acts" as himself lol.


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