Here’s my reaction to Keanu Reeves in #Cyberpunk #Idiotarmy! #TaraErickson #ThisIdiot #trending

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  1. i hope you check this game out , cdpr is one of the best dev's working currently , they dont do any pay to win microtransaction in their games which is a blessing these days , even rockstar has this issue , they care about making a quality game , witcher 3 is made by cdpr too , this game is gonna be a open world with alot of content , dialogue options to choose from and alot more , on august 30th their gonna release new gameplay too!

  2. In case you missed he is muscle not brain and he has cyborg arms not just claw hsnd that gives him cyborg strength. Also if you are blade runner fan you will ejoy watching cyberpunk 2077 teaser from years ago another reaction perhaps

  3. Goddamn you are able to react to somethin and bring it to youtube………………, you are really sooooooooooo creative…..thats the kind of content the world is waiting for. Respect!!!

  4. did you just hear this was blowing up and reacted to the first thing you found lol? What you SHOULD have been reacting to was this playing at the conference where he actually comes out on stage! Not the trailer that ends just before the best bit lol

  5. It was first created as a pen and paper RPG by Mike Pondsmith (whose primary inspiration was Blade Runner), and published by R. Talsorian Games. Originally, it was Cyberpunk 2013 (published in 1988), then updated to Cyberpunk 2020 (1990), and again to Cyberpunk 3.0 (2005, though many of the events of this edition are kind of up in the air, and could be replaced with the upcoming Cyberpunk Red to coincide with the video game). Now, CD Projekt Red (working directly with Mike Pondsmith and those who worked with him on the p&p games) are updating the timeline to 2077. I think it looks awesome, and just how it should look and feel. The usual setting for cyberpunk is a future that, in various aspects, looks simultaneously better and worse than the present. Here, it's fairly advanced tech that's ubiquitously available, and even better stuff than that for those who can afford it. Shining skyscrapers, grimy streets, organized crime and corporate control (with the city-state remnants of the collapsed former government playing junior partner authority at the most, owned lock and stock) leading to ongoing feudal conflict, and even outright war, societal oppression, and high crime rates (though, this could be partially chalked up to corporations getting the main say in what's deemed a crime). 🙂

    The "cool TV" is, for 2077, the equivalent of a cheap, seedy motel room TV.


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