Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2020 Reveal LIVE (Reaction, Analysis, Discussion, News)



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LastKnownMeal, 2020.

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  1. I love how they show in each trailer different protagonist. This is RPG and we will be creating our own character! 😀 awesome – maybe this was one example of some storyline branch

  2. They didnot change the protagonist. Because it is RPG . You can make your own character and it has multiple choices for example 1 time your friend lives and 1 time he dies and more

  3. Turned out the "images you've seen before" were not so fake, but rather so real.
    Also, it is nowhere implied that Jackie is a permanent sidekick. CDPR actually says he is "one of" the partners in the game. His death may be surprising, but not shocking. I also don't expect any of the missions presented in any game footage to be revealing much about the important aspects of the story, they are probably small bits happening early in the game.
    Keanu / Silverhand might also be just a temporary asset or a mission giver, the character is important in the CP universe. Would be cool to have a story DLC later to play as him.

    Also, the reactions seem so fabricated at times. You don't have to act it, just be yourself, man.

  4. Dex's big bodyguard is also in the official trailer eating then two thugs attempt to rob him from behind before he looks up slowly. He might also be another big character in the game

  5. Did anybody else notice that Keanu/Johnny "flickers" a little before he kneels down? I noticed it when I was watching the video on the slowest setting. Cloaking tech? Or something weirder? Like a holographic, or maybe he's something only V can see because Johnny's somehow jacked into V's head. Kind of the way people in Ghost in the Shell could be made to see or not see things via mind hacking, etc.? Maybe I'm reading way too much into it, but there's definitely a "flicker."

  6. I think this trailer has nothing to do with the games story, however them showing Jackie die implies the game has different paths where companions can die.

  7. I had like 5 joints, then I sat down to watch some E3, when this happened, I was like fucking hell I'm so stoned, I'm dreaming this.
    I had to come watch a reaction to make sure I wasn't just totally fucked.

  8. Your reaction to Keanu was similar to mine. It was so awesome seeing him on stage, I think he is Silverhand since Chippin In was playing when Keanu appeared on stage and his character also had a metallic arm. Some people theorized that Silverhand was still alive.

    Edit: I think that the reason why Jackie died and that DeShawn betrayed you is because you made a lot of noise during your mission. Attracting the attention of the corpos. Hence, why DeShawn said "every corpo cop in this city is going to be blasting down these doors after what you and your psycho friend did". He doesn't want that type of attention and I guess he hopes to bury his involvement with V by killing him or give up V in to lessen any potential punishment from the corpos.
    People should go to the online store of their choice. But in the game description is what I assume to be the main plot of the game. I won't say anything here but go there if you don't mind spoilers.


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