CYBERPUNK 2077 | First Impressions After 20 Hours of Gameplay

Here are my first impressions of Cyberpunk 2077 after playing the game for 20 hours so far.


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CYBERPUNK 2077 | First Impressions After 20 Hours of Gameplay

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Comment (48)

  1. You gave me a good reason to never trust another thing you post. Ever. Wasted my time and my money, thanks for being truthful. Think you could send me your build of the game two years from the future? Thanks again. Hope the money you made from hiding the glaring problems (Which are impossible to miss) was worth the loss of trust of the people who relied on this review.


  2. If you play the game as much as I do you would have over 100 hours so why don't you make a video about that. When someone play cyberpunk for over 100 hours that entails that they completed every piece of content main missions side quests most of the gigs except for getting warmer which is still bugged by that time as well you probably already completed all of the scanners and you probably already have a strong build for the mode very hard and you probably have most of the legendaries at that time.
    Sadly once you hit the Benchmark for 100 hours of game time cyberpunk pretty much becomes a dead game to you. Hell I even managed to go back multiple times and got every ending except for the secret and then which I'm planning to do once they have New Game Plus and I know they are going to add it eventually but it's unclear with that and the DLC content because of the big lawsuit we don't know what's going to happen. But I do know for a fact the lawsuit is not going to happen until after covid-19 because all courts are closed until further notice that includes class corporate lawsuits.

  3. My honest review of CyberPunk2077: The side missions are really lame, also in the main missions you, cannot save people that you want to be saved (ex: Jackie) and rendering in that very case: linear dialogs. I do not think this is a RPG. Compared to The Witcher 3, these guys really did a bad job at the game and even in the time span of 8 years. They should be ashamed of themselves. Mike Ponce should be ashamed of them included, because he does a great job at many different paths. You're choosing 3 lifelines that basically only have a difference of 30 minutes of gameplay on each….. very sad. 6 out of 10 on my review and I was really pumped for this game.

  4. as a RPG, it is great.
    alot of damage numbers, stats and status effects everywhere.

    as a Shooter, it is fun.
    it is no DOOM, but it is hard enough to make you wanna use everything in your disposal… which is ALOT.

    as a Story, it is superb.
    it is a "once in a life time" kind of experience, please don't get any spoilers.

    as a Open-World, it will bankrupt Bethesda for years.
    just walking around this city is… just too much detail, too much attention and effort everywhere for even the most unecessary places.

  5. Yeah it dont look great on base x box one lol very saturated and fuzzy but the story characters pacing and items weapons world building are fantastic but the visuals take a lot away from the experience

  6. “This is an rpg first, an rpg second, an rpg third and then a shooter”

    Thank you! So many reviews talking about how this is foremost a first person shooter. It’s not, and I’m glad to hear someone recognize the actual point of the game. It may be disappointing but at least be disappointed for the right reasons.

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  8. I pre ordered the game as I loved the Witcher 3 and RPGs in general.
    I am disappointed that the graphics look so BAD, 480p bad and blurry.
    I play on a PS4 PRO on an LG OLED 65 4K with HDR.
    Very disappointed I hope they fix the game asap.

  9. Hi guys I am making cyberpunk full playthrough videos if anyone interested.
    I have future plans on creating modding cyberpunk videos aswell as tips and tricks.

  10. Is this game really buggy? Because I want to get this game but I don't like it when it's really buggy because it will cause the game to crash

  11. I said I would never do this again after so many let downs of games over the years. I would never pre order again but here I am and I did it again but I have a great reason why I did this. Back in the day of the old roll play games along with D and D, Vampires the Masquerade, and many others I was also playing Cyberpunk. So that actually peeked my attention but I wished the game would have been an MMO being that it is literally from a dice rolling game that is only fun with groups. However, yes so I am here to see what I paid for and if it is any good and so far I don't have any issues with it. Yes and here is my other problem with this game…….NO VR?!? Omg I think this game would go great on my VR. But we will see what the future holds.


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