CYBERPUNK 2077 Gameplay Demo 38 Minutes HD PC/PS4/Xbox One

CYBERPUNK 2077 Gameplay Demo 38 Minutes HD PC/PS4/Xbox One

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CYBERPUNK 2077 Gameplay Demo 38 Minutes HD PC/PS4/Xbox One

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  1. My fathers birthday is coming up and I was thinking of buying him this. I came up with the idea because he loves The Witcher 3 and I heard Cyberpunk 2077 is from the same creator as The Witcher 3. My father is 50, do you think he will like it?

  2. This is totally unacceptable it's not actual gameplay uknow like real time on a ps4 or ps4 Pro or pc it looks like a arcade game in the 80s or 90s I'm still disappointed despite getting the game i didn't take a refund or have issues I was like fuck it I'll pay it as it is 🙊🤷 I remember friends got digital ones they took the refund option I bought a physical copy from my retail shop person im still disappointed cause they haven't updated it yet for the ps4 meaning the earlier updates had minor changes especially getting the quadra vtech turbo and other missions that where gliched thry hug or where incomplete due to bugs and glitches regardless of the update the game is still screwed up I know the pc experience is better so is the ps5 and x box x edition whatever it is I'd say they tried their best but it's sad they tried to rip gamers off by fooling us into thinking that the gameplay they showed is gonna be same with the finished product not exactly the same it's messed up its incomplete and there a lot of blank or empty areas including unfinished stuff maybe I'm hoping they finish the unfinished stuff

  3. This looks like Cyberpunk, what we got is not this, there are so many things in this alone that make the gameplay look more developed and the world more alive, like Jackie being there when talking to the Militech lady, like the Flathead Bot actually being there in the mission rather than just a static thing inside of a case, the pillars crumbling apart as you shoot at them, wallruning, dodging mid-air and going in slow motion, the bullets being in slow motion mid-air, being able to stick yourself to the wall with the mantis blades then do a lethal air attack, random events that happen like the van at the beginning and the flying ship in the distance going to investigate the shootout that occured on the road.


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