Cyberpunk 2077: Gameplay Graphics comparison 2021 vs 2021 (E3 vs TGS)

On this graphics Comparison video for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game, I will compare the 2021 gameplay footage released on E3 versus the gameplay footage released this week on the Tokyo Game Show 2021 (#TGS2020). The footage is the maelstrom hideout Mexican stand-off where we break a deal to buy the Militech Flathead robot. Here we can see the improved visuals of DumDum, Royce as well as some weapons. On the new footage we can see the implantation of Ray Tracing Global lighting, shadows and reflections (#RTXON #4k). Cyberpunk will launch on November 19 for all platforms (PC, XBOX one X, PS4) and will be compatible with next gen on launch (Xbox Series X and PS5). The Game will also benefit from the DLSS 2.0 technique available on the RTX Nivida cards (20XX and 30XX).

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Cyberpunk 2077: Gameplay Graphics comparison 2021 vs 2021 (E3 vs TGS)

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Comment (28)

  1. I really couldn’t care which one looks better I just want to play the damn game. We don’t care about making things shiny like their rowing in spider ps5 remaster lmao

  2. 2:26 one thing you didnt mention about the background screens was that the 2018 version (yes) had dimmer screens however it had multiple different images vs the 2020 version having a copy and pasted same image on all the monitors.
    6:45 yeah that sucks that they made the scene less complex, and by the looks of it that back room behind the garage door is gone forever.
    8:12 oh shit that back room just opened. Awesome

  3. The maelstrom mission has 8 different outcomes, keep the money from the militech agent and have the virus attack their systems, blow royces head off on the middle of the conversation, buy it yourself, tell royce about the agent and her plans which would in turn make the maelstrom fight along side you against militech, and others that o don’t remember but those are the main ones ( info from Alanah Pearce 4 hour demo of game)

  4. You know what the tattoo on his right hand means, google the word "Perun", you know why he doesn't have these tattoos by people like you.
    Maybe if Americans made this game it wouldn't be funny for you because most of you are xenophobes.

  5. i dont think u can avoid combat with that guy, well cdpr said sometimes u have to fight, but u can use none lethal weapons, so they are essentially knocked out vs dead, but yeah u cant go full pacifist or fully avoid any violence…as for the graphics comparison i do see some things improved, but some things that sort of took a hit, the couch had some nice wear detail in the old version, also the jacket of the guy at the end/boss fight guy, looked a bit better….but for the most part it def is great considering this is also bad footage and previously how it seemed they kept downgrading…and then the lighting who knows anymore what's shown with RT or not, i cant wait for some real comparisons when it releases


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