Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay On Next-Gen Console – Opening Hours (Xbox Series X)

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay (Xbox Series X) – Cyberpunk 2077 news
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Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay On Next-Gen Console – Opening Hours (Xbox Series X)

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Comment (44)

  1. The fact that the wheel doesn’t move when in the car with Jackie is really really poor. After 7 years of production and something so easy to fix

  2. I'm playing on PC with a 20 series GPU (not high end), and it looks world's better. I'm sorry, but you guys got robbed. I purchased a Series S, but my Series X friends were really looking forward to this. I know there will be a "next gen patch", but the fact that there's no release date means it's not coming any time soon.

  3. I have Xbox one and this game crashes all the time , I was at the end of the heist and the game crashed it’s always when driving . Man it makes me so mad that it keeps freezing and kicking me out

  4. If this game gets GOTY other games got robbed try playing on the old gen still in beta stage 8 years of making considering they the same team as witcher 3 and that was good on all platforms they just made this game look good on pc and next gen console only I don’t no i have not played on the next gen yet so I don’t no what a crap move from them people giving 10 out 10 what people smoking am giving big fat zero for this game

  5. Anybody know what's the difference in which area you choose to start out this year better advantage to being a nomad for example some people say but I don't know why can't find that out I was hoping this video so good that three months to get that. Thank you

  6. This game is S**T. All you ever do in this game is EQUIP EQUIP EQUIP. There is ZERO gameplay. I dont even know what type of game this is. Is this an RPG? A shootemup?? A fighting game?? What?

  7. Guys I’m very confused. Was this game built for next gen consoles because when I played it, it didn’t really look that great. Forza 4 looks literally so much better on my Series X than cyberpunk. I looked at the photos previously posted by CDPR and it looks insanely better than on console. Not sure how I’m feeling about this game currently. The fighting and shooting mechanics feel so bland I literally got bored of punching an enemy. I kept my expectations very low and never hopped on the hype train for this game. Kinda having mixed feelings currently but who knows what future updates will do to the game.

  8. On pc there is an option to adjust the crowd density, it seems like on consoles they have that setting set on "low". I was just playing the game on my pc with "high" crowd density and the streets were full

  9. Comparing this to the PS5 gameplay, the NPC density looks a lot better on here. I'm guessing it's because PS5 is still running on the PS4 version and hasn't got the new gen update yet.

  10. Stop calling things bugs that aren't…Your body isn't high enough to use it properly thats all.

    Also you had level up points to spend they entire time…

    If you invest skill points or fought enemies ypur level it would of been much faster to kill enemies…


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