Cyberpunk 2077 – HUGE NEWS! Story Quests, Weapon Info, E3 Teases, New Images & 2020 Release?!

★ The latest on Cyberpunk 2077 news & info, including details on the release date, quests, customization, E3 2020, gameplay & more! ★
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Comment (35)

  1. I am really looking forward to this game. Just looks so cool looking and the graphics on it from the teaser trailers I REALLY hope they take their time and complete the game before releasing it to avoid how EA did w/ Anthem. As much as i want it to hurry up i would rather have a finished and the bugs at least most of the bugs worked out first than to have a completed game other than to have a uncompleted game and having it crash numerous times. So i am guessing a release date of 2020. Thank you for the video!! (Don't want to sound like a broken record but always find your videos informative and interesting) Keep the great work!!

  2. what do you mean by cross generation. Xbox One consoles will all fit into the Xbox One family, that means all future consoles will be in that family as well.

    This coincides with the fact that MS have made sure that you can't release a game on the premium consoles and not have it work on the lower end models.

    That means if you have an Xbox One S/X/Anaconda, all games released will have to work on all these consoles.

  3. Id personally make the game and release it for PS4 and Xbox 1 and then remaster it with better graphics and a new only next gen dlc pack with the game that adds new stuff to the game that the old gen wouldn't get. Personally that's how you do business and make more sales out of something like that. Otherwise release it when next gen comes out

  4. As much as I want a Holiday 2019 release I'd rather wait till about March 2020 for the game to be fully optimised for all platforms for a international release on all platforms (if not PC availability at day 1)

  5. Big expectations on this one, let's just hope it lives up to the hype! I think taking time to release a WORKING game rather than rushing to release a half finished game is a big step. As long as it comes out in the next year, and not in 2077, a la, GNR chinese democracy, it should do very well. Could prove a worthy succesor to games like GTA, etc.

  6. Release in 2019. Since they are more in touch. I hope they just walk on stage, show the trailer and then just say the release date is NOW. And then walks out.


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