Cyberpunk 2077 is a Glitchy Buggy Mess – Angry Rant!

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Had enough with the bugs, glitches, issues I’ve been running into during my playthrough that I need to get this off my chest. Unbelievable. This should NOT have happened!
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Cyberpunk 2077 is a Glitchy Buggy Mess – Angry Rant!

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Comment (41)

  1. I have no idea what your problem was because i didn't encounter a single issue.

    Because like a smart person i didn't buy day 1 and waited for actual reviewers to show it for the dumpster fire it is.

  2. Bro i dont even wanna hear about this game anymore. Like this video is old at this point ik, but for real this game is beyond dead to me now and I flat hate it. Cdpr is no friend to us gamers, they're just like the rest.

  3. I knew it. CDPR is not different from other devs. Now when they have managed to lower peoples guard. They strike. Fame and influence corrupts. Since when they were just a little studio they made games they wanted to play, but now when they are a big studio. They adopted the Money first community second policy.

  4. Game companies should be sueable if they show fake gameplay.
    Either they show real gameplay or nothing at all, so everyone will know whats going to happen.

  5. After the 1.06 patch came out, this vid just doesn’t seem to be relevant anymore. Playing it on PS4 and having a grand time. Just like No Man’s Sky, Fallout 76, Andromeda, etc. Release 1.0 of ANY complex app for multiple platforms (6 OSs) will always be buggy. Now the critique seems unbalanced and on the verge of misrepresenting the game’s current state. Will you be doing a post Patch 1.06 comparison?

  6. Damn you can see Joe was depressed. He had a bunch of faith in CDPR and they let him down. His experience mirrors that of the outraged gamers who were screwed over by the misleading marketing.

  7. your only problem with the cyberpunk police is that you didn't stack enough armadillo mods to become invulnerable to gun shots 😂
    Btw. don't you have the game on a SSD? The asset pop in on your system is ridiculously bad.

  8. I seriously don't get it. I am immune to bugs? Yeah, there's few but definitelly not a buggy mess how everyone is describing. I'm starting to think there is a cospiration here. Really enjoyed my first playtrought. My only complaint that the main story is short. Fuck all, who dindn't finish Witcher 3.


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