Cyberpunk 2077 – Lifepath Choices Trailer

See the different backgrounds your character can come from in each of the lifepath options – street kid, nomad, or corporate.


Cyberpunk 2077 – Lifepath Choices Trailer

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  1. Started as a nomad then got the panam ending where V joins the aldecaldos
    Story wise it’s so damn satisfying, nomad V left the badlands his family went to night city and had his share of adventures met new friends and even lost some but he’s right back where he started
    With a new family and a girl by his side

  2. im disappointed with street life, wish there was some indication if we can change the system you know. Coming from the streets It would be fun to try and flip the system on its head

  3. I'm planning to play it 3 times in Normal, Hard and whatever the hardest difficulty is called. The first playthrough I'll be a corpo hacker with low body skills so I feel vulnerable and I have to hack and stealth my way through the game. That would make it last longer. I'll leave a few side quests for the other two playthroughs. The second time around I'll be a rough nomad, Mad-Max style, and I'll use shotguns and body attributes. And the third time around, as a street kid, I'll be more melee and probably use the katana to have lots of fun in that highest difficulty. Or I might change my mind as I'm playing the first time around, who knows.

  4. I'm a self serving righteous arse. So il be going corpo. Lol. I think your character should best represent who you are. That way its more immersive and you arent spending five hours in character creation either.

  5. all the life path looks so damn boring. can i just have a photographer lifepath where i just walk around the city taking pictures and explore and decorate my own house

  6. Damn the nomad and corpo playthroughs look the best to me. Honestly the streetkid seems kind of basic and cliche to me. Doesnt seem super thought out like the other two. Ill be beating this atleast twice to see those story outcomes

  7. Hmm, yeah i know i am not the most original here

    But i'd opt to go corporate first, be the slick, stealthy cunto who knows his way around handguns.

    The street kid second, a balance of the two, a lad who delves a little bit into everything to survive.

    The third – Nomad, a crazy, uncultured madman who blasts through people while screaming lines from "Sweet home Alabama."


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