Cyberpunk 2077 never stood a chance against this PC! Gaming PC Giveaway!

Today we see how well the Origin PC CHRONOS SFF PC can handle a game like CyberPunk 2077!
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Cyberpunk 2077 never stood a chance against this PC! Gaming PC Giveaway!

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  1. The problem with this tower is that there's not enough space to install more fans, therefore increasing the temperature, due to lack of ventilation.


    I have tried purchasing an Origins PC and the experience was more than horrible. I am from Canada so I intend to use my US credit card to make the purchase so I do not incur high forex rates. The problem arose when they automatically assumed I used a Canadian credit card to make the purchase, hence a high forex rate was applied. When I had spoken to them about this issue, I kept getting bounced around and no one seemed to have seen this as their (Origins) problem. They payment backend automatically charged my US card for Canadian dollars, and essentially not I am out 200USD and their response was verbatim "too bad"/"that's on you" because you used a Canadian billing address. I am disappointed that OriginPC (owned by Corsair) does not have a system that checks whether or not someone is purchasing with a US card. For a large company, this seems almost obvious to have since they sell internationally.

    First of all, they did not state that "Zonos" will be an international payment processor for international shipments, which had incurred a hidden fee which I was not told about until I tried to process a refund.

    Secondly, the staff (Jay, Jake, and another rep) did not take initiative at helping me solve the problem but instead kept asking me to make the call to THEIR payment processor (Zonos). As a consumer, I had no idea what was happening.

    Thirdly, the manager (Jake) did not even try to see if he can help me get my money back. As I had explained that their payment backend should have checked whether or not I used a US card.

    Fourth, the whole process to get the answer "no we wont be refunding you because on our end we already did (which they had not because im out 200USD due to their lackluster payment processor)" took more than 8 separate calls, multiple emails, and over a span of 2 weeks (Problem started may 17th, and i had my final call just now). It was a whole nightmare.


    If you search the BBB – you'll find other major complaints

  3. Wait Cyberpunk was hard to run? I had it all maxxed out with raytracing on and I had stableish 60 FPS with few drops to 30 but never below… and with stream on, I had 30 stable all over the place so no issues with it…

  4. Started building PC out of my spare parts for my friend's son using i7-6700K, GTX 1660 OC, air-cooled with 32GB 2400 RAM. Since the monitor is FHD, I am sure it will run Cyberpunk quite well. 1660 is the best what I could find now and was able to get it from BestBuy. BTW, the case is going to be very small: SilverStone SG05BB. Cyberpunk is all GPU and only about 20-30% CPU.

  5. don't ever do the chromatic aberration thing again. At first I was like "huh, yea that looks weird" and then when it got real bad it turns into "oh god I'm having a stroke and my head hurts".

  6. Found out I'm 2 weeks behind on winning this! But that dont matter because I've got myself a ""drumroll"" brainpower CPU= i3 1st gen, eyes are going bad GPU= Gt 710 , braincells are gone = 1mb ram.. take that Cyberpunk 77

  7. You can get this build with mesh side panels instead of tempered glass for WAYYY better airflow and the option for a 240mm fan instead of a single 120mm. That should alleviate a lot of the temp/airflow issues.

  8. What graphics card do u have i got ryzen 5800x
    Motherboard asus prime x570 pro
    Evga rtx 3080 xc3
    And on 1440p ultra rt i got 85 max fps
    How do u have 130fps without rt what specs ?


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